Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Entrepreneurs with a Drive to Succeed

JustFab, a membership website has an unparalleled history; the funding is also unparalleled. This e-commerce giant, established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg is a phenomenon in the industry of fashion. This international membership company is what was ordered by the fashionista, but the beginnings, which were small, ended up growing into much greater with the correct fundraising. Starting in the year 2011, when Goldenberg and Ressler were working with the US-based Matrix Partners, over $33 million was raised.

The duo were the investors; they had confident enough to place their funds behind it. That showed their drive and passion for seeing the company become successful. In July 2012, a venture capital firm called Rho Capital Partners together with four investors gave over $75 million to the businessmen. Soon, further changes occurred to the firm plus long-term mission and vision. That money allowed them to rebrand and build upon many brands to expand their horizons. The duo could provide more than apparel for women, and the proposal was presented in a brand for children plus men too.

In the year 2013, more funds were received, from Shining Capital, investment management firm that manages charitable assets. There were two occurrences in which funds were raised, amounting to a large quantity of money. With over $54 million raised by Shining Capital, Goldenberg and Ressler were on their way to make big changes in the world of e-commerce plus fashion. In 2014, the group received $85 million from Passport Capital; since that period the firm has continued to thrive at what they do best.

In March 2010, Goldenberg and Ressler founded the TechStyle Fashion Group; they are also co-CEOs of this company. The vision of these two entrepreneurs is responsible for setting the firm on a course of reimagining the fashion business. In the year 2011, TechStyle, while running under the name JustFab was given $33 million in funding from the US-based Matrix Partners venture capital company.

In the year 2012, the firm received another $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Matrix Partners. TechStyle operations expanded globally to the UK, Germany, and Canada.In Jan. 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group, then JustFab, acquired the fashion subscription company for children, FabKids. Regardless of the likeness in their names, no previous connection was there between these two companies. After it acquired The Fab Shoes, in May 2013, TechStyle continued expanding internationally into France and Spain.

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