Down Syndrome Doesn’t Stop Man From Swimming

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Andy Minares is a swimmer who also has Down Syndrome. However, he has never let his disability stop him from getting in the water. Andy started swimming when he was nine-months old. It was a challenge at first because he could not hold his head up. However, he eventually got the hang of it.

Andy started participating in swimming competitions when he was 6-years-old. He joined the Special Olympics at the age of 9. He has broken several records. He has also traveled the world and met several presidents. Andy stated that he is a champion, and everyone he meets constantly reminds him of this.

Ana Marie Miyares is Andy’s mother. She stated that swimming is great for people who have DOwn’s Syndrome. It helps them physically by helping them lose weight and feel better. It also helps them mentally by helping them focus. Additionally, the swimming coaches teach students that their disability does not define them.

Edguardo De Leon is one of the swimming coaches who works with Andy and other people who have disabilities. He stated that the goal is not to get the swimmers to the Special Olympics. The ultimate goal is to help the swimmers feel like champions when they are in the water and outside of the water. Edguardo also wants to teach the swimmers to be self-sufficient.

Andy will compete in the World of Down Syndrome in July 2018. This is a swimming competition that has people from all over the world. Andy will represent the USA.

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