Dr. Chris Villanueva and the Dental Practice Management Industry

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Chris Villanueva, he is a dental practitioner, as well as the Founder of MB2 Dental solutions, a dentist-owned company, based in Carrollton, TX. Founded in 2009, MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental management and practice development firm predicated on providing best in class management services to their network of dental offices. MB2 Dental Solutions benefits their network dental offices by providing business development, recruiting, accounting, marketing, and procurement services, which helps streamlines day to day operations for many of their network offices.

Although based in Carrollton, TX, MB2 Dental Solutions has over 70 affiliated locations, as well as a workforce of roughly 600 employees, all working towards a common goal, which is to provide high-quality administrative support to network dentist, and the patients that they serve. What makes MB2 Dental different from other management companies? Well, Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that the company’s unique business model is one that simplifies the task of dental practitioners, by allowing them to concentrate on their patients, as opposed to the bureaucracy associated with running an office. What does this mean, exactly? Because MB2 Dental is a dentist-owned business they are more in tune with what it takes to run a successful practice. As a result, MB2 Dental provides their network practitioners with personalized systems, guidance, and unparalleled administrative support.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has been a practicing general dentist for over 10 years; he is a Nova Southeastern University alumnus, who earned his DMD in 2004, and soon after, recognized his passion for the business component associated with dental care, which would later lead to MB2 Dental Solutions in 2009. From the outset, Dr. Villanueva knew that he wanted MB2 Dental Solutions to be unlike other dental management businesses. He wanted to introduce something revolutionary to the dental industry that would serve as a bridge between traditional group practices and private practices. In layman’s terms, this means bringing high-level services commonly associated with large group practices to private practices, and his efforts paid off. MB2 Dental Solutions is widely recognized as a disruptive brand in the dental practice management industry.

In an effort to grow MB2’s dental network, Dr. Villanueva routinely recruits dental students from universities like Texas A&M College of Dentistry. While attending these colleges, Dr. Villanueva also takes advantage of networking opportunities that have the potential of creating a buzz around MB2 Dental Solutions.

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