Dr. Mark McKenna Builds OVME

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Dr. Mark McKenna is no stranger to the Atlanta medical aesthetics community and his faithful patients will now be able to visit his newest practice, OVME, in the trendy Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. The sleek new luxury aesthetics studio is equipped with four private treatment rooms as well as a private office for patient consultations. However, Dr. McKenna isn’t just bringing his newest endeavor to Atlanta, but to anyone with a smartphone as well. His concept connects medical practitioners with patients desiring procedures all through a convenient app. In all his work, Dr. McKenna seeks to combine medical cosmetic treatments with the latest technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree from Tulane Medical School in New Orleans. Although he started working at his father’s medical practice after graduating, he already knew that his interest lay with building his real estate company and not in medicine. While still in medical school, Dr. Mark McKenna had already begun building his company, amassing enough to start a real estate development firm in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, he was forced to evacuate and the business lost millions. After that, he shifted his focus back to his medical training, opening up a series of offices, ShapeMed, that specialize in elective cosmetic treatments. Using technology to his advantage, he was able to use Google AdWords to quickly grow his business, becoming Atlanta’s premier non-surgical aesthetic clinic. After meeting with such success with ShapeMed, he ended up selling them and taking time to traveling with family.

He would go onto use this experience to build and improve upon ShapeMed, with OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna’s goal is to not only be the premier medical aesthetic office in Atlanta, but to build a network of aesthetic offices across the country, offering an Uber-like experience that benefits both patients and providers. OVME specializes in customizing their approach to patients, coming up with individualized plans based on their needs and sometimes, even their DNA.


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