Dr. Walden Named Top Cosmetic Surgeon

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Recently Dr. Walden was recognized as one of the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in the United States. With this recognition, Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven to be one of the very best at providing cosmetic surgery to patients. By attaining a considerable amount of recognition, it is well known that Dr. Walden is a very intelligent, determined and successful woman. When talking to her in person, she is quite friendly and caring which puts a lot of people at ease. While experiencing a lot of success as a physician, Dr. Walden credits her family for helping her reach her goals.


After attending and completing medical school, Dr. Walden began her residency in New York City. While in New York, she would train under some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the nation. This experience would give her the foundation to become a highly successful surgeon herself. With her determination and hard work, Dr. Walden completed the residency and was then able to practice surgery independently. She would then start up her own cosmetic surgery practice in order to treat patients. As a practicing surgeon, she would improve the appearance and health of her patients and therefore build a very positive reputation for herself.


Dr. Walden experienced a lot of success in New York City but decided to relocate back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. In this new environment, she would be able to start up another practice and continue serving patients on a regular basis. While she has been able to have a successful career, Dr. Walden has also devoted time to her two sons. As a result, she looks to spend more time with them to live a more balanced lifestyle. Moving back to Austin helped her provide a more nurturing environment for her two sons as well as being near her family for support. With her record of success, she has been able to become a mentor for a number of young medical students. As a result, she advises them about medicine and how to succeed in this career and life in general.


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