Engineer and Manager Flavio Maluf

Engineer and manager Flavio Maluf, the current president of the Eucatex Group, was born and bred in Brazil. The successful Brazilian was born in 1961 was schooled successfully at the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). Afterward, he made the decision to push his education further and had to leave his motherland. He flew to the United States to couple his undergraduate engineering degree with a lucrative postgraduate degree in administration from the New York University. It was in New York that Flavio got his first working experience as a tutor.

In the midst of studying and tutoring, Flavio met Jacqueline Torres, the love of his life. Sure that he had met his soul mate, Mr. Flavio wooed her to go back with him to Brazil and start a family. When he flew out of the United States and back to his motherland, he took home a wife, the mother of his three children. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Not only was Mr. Flavio blessed with children on his return to Brazil, but he also landed a job at the Eucatex Group. Despite priding himself as an engineer, he was assigned a post in the trade department. The post had absolutely nothing to do with engineering, but the ever positive Flavio Maluf dispensed his expectations beyond his superiors’ expectations. He was then transferred to the production department where his productivity earned him the attention of the then president of the company. Not long after, the president nominated Flavio to serve on the company board because he wanted the company to benefit from the insight and innovation of the young employee. Just before a decade elapsed with him serving the Eucatex Group, and less than one year after his nomination to the board, Flavio got elected to become the president of the Eucatex Group.

As president, Mr. Flavio Maluf opted to make the company as modern and innovative as possible. He also decided to streamline the company’s activities to be as Eco-friendly as possible. In fact, Flavio even sanctioned the construction of a recycling plant. Through the recycling plant, the company began reusing some the resources it had been under-using, and it also redeemed its public relations.

The president of the Eucatex Group also considers his leadership to be inspiring and not authoritative; consultative and not imposing. He is always present when important decisions are deliberated but does not center the process on his personal opinions.



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