Giving Back to the Community – Highland Capital Management

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One of the greatest secret in understanding communities, is investing in human assets; predominately, investing in people who live in those communities. Highland Capital Management is not only an investment advisor organization, but the organizations’ vision and philosophy is the believe that human spirit can make a difference within the community. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase. Most importantly, investing in volunteerism and children; the two driving forces of positive energy which shapes the community. Moreover, Highland Capital Management diverse asset of approximately $15.4B under management, also focuses on credit strategies, long-only funds and division accounts, as well as distress and special circumstance private equity, to name a few.


Founded in 1993, by James Dondero and Mark Okada, these two remarkable gentlemen’s passion expanded Highland Capital Management business with offices located in New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition, Highland Capital Management diverse client ranges from public pensions plan, foundations, high-net worth individuals, and government constituents, providing a concreted business structure that highlights professionalism across the financial market world. The secret of Highland Capital success is not based on the billions of dollars they managed, but it is the passion of giving back to the community through investing in their employees, volunteerism, and children. James and Mark understood that strong and stable communities breeds strong and stable employees and clienteles. With the collaboration of the firm and its partners’ commitment and investing over $10M to another organizations world-wide; giving back to the community and investing in volunteerism and children is a win-win situation for the future of Highland Capital Management. Read more at

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