GoBuyside Bridging The Gap Between Employers and Highly Skilled Job Seekers

GoBuyside a private talent network firm based in New York City focusing on reaching the maximum pool of desirable applicants on behalf of investment companies and other business corporations. GoBuyside Inc. was founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, a graduate of Standford University’s School of Business. Arjun Kapur was initially inspired by the lacking number of perfect profiled candidates available to private investment companies. As a previous talent recruiter Kapur also observed the discrepancy in candidates’ profiles. He knew technology was one of the ways to combat the issue of poor candidate profiles. The end goal of GoBuyside Kapur mentions is to make the best possible match between employers and employees. For Arjun Kapur the development of entreprenuership begins and ends at determination. His success stem for his push to make business ideas as complete and extraordinary as possible. Fighting for an idea until its very core leads to a robust project. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is utilizing the globalization of job recruiting to broaden the pool of potential employees. GoBuyside believes the increasing number of people working at home can help their clients fill their positions with the best candidates. A lot of positions available in companies is work that can be done at home on the internet. This recognition is used to increase the number of remote work and contracting positions available in the companies working with GoBuyside. The firm also makes use of social media and search engines to provide a full background on each candidate’s profile. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

GoBuyside is the first entreprenerial talent firm to fully invest in technological advancements as tools for furthering talent seeking. The extra efforts available through web optimization help to filter candidacy between some individuals. Similar to other recruitment networks available online, GoBuyside offers candidates access to each company’s reviews and information. However, GoBuyside targets investment firms whose talent needs are not yet met with effort. GoBuyside connects superior talent from all over the world with companies with high expectations. In addition, the company provides individualized support to its clients’ hiring process. Candidates working with GoBuyside have a total number of experience ranging across 12,000 investment companies making them full equipped candidates for GoBuyside clients. The number of clients currently stands at 400 companies. Candidates range in diversity and in over 500 geographic locations. Creating a profile with GoBuyside is laid out in a three step program available on their web page.

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