Horse Accidentally Ends Up in Swimming Pool

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Homeowners with a swimming pool know that sometimes animals can fall in and get trapped, but homeowners in Didcot, Okforshire in the UK got a big surprise when they found a horse splashing in their pool. The homeowners called the fire department who eventually arrived and called in a vet to help with the issue. Even the best pool cover likely could not have prevented the horse from taking a swim on the brisk day in the UK.

The fire squad decided to pump all of the water out of the swimming pool before they were able to safely remove the horse. The horse was fully outfitted in a bridle and coat and was probably not too happy to find himself suddenly swimming.

A spokesman for the Oxfordshire Fire Service stated that many crews were called in to figure out the best way to deal with the situation. In the end, they ended up pumping the water out and then with the help of the vet were able to safely pull the horse out of the pool. They added they have never seen anything like this before, but are glad it had a good outcome.

The horse was later identified as Mackie, who apparently got loose from his stable and while wandering ended up falling into the pool mistaking the blue cover for firm ground.

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