How Greg Secker Foundation came to be and the roles it is playing today

Greg Secker is an example of successful business people who had humble beginnings. He is an entrepreneur as well as an international speaker. He has carried out various businesses, and he is well known as a master trader as well as a philanthropist. Greg founded various organizations including Action group and virtual trading desk among others.

Also, Greg was inspired to start the business due to his experience. Greg was aware of the hassle people have to go through when they start trading. Moreover, there was insufficient education and people could not access either free or at an affordable cost. His aim was to ensure that the people acquired the art of foreign transaction and had an opportunity of making their lifestyles worthwhile.

Greg intended to make people know how to make money. He carried out this through program based teachings that included how to learn and trade. The foundation taught people what they require to know when it comes to investing. Greg used various platforms, for instance, learn how to trade and was able to walk out the corporate world and enable many people to trade in with others competitively.

Greg Secker is an English businessman and was born in Norfolk in England in the year of 1975. He attended the Nottingham University where he studied Food Services and Agriculture. In the mid-1990s, he was a trading technician at Thomas Cook Services where he formed foreign exchange systems of trade. Thomas, then, received a British Telecom Award in 1998 which was an e-commerce innovation. Before, he had already created an online forex platform of trading named as the Virtual Trading Desk. When he was 25years of age, he became the president of the Mellon Financial Corporation and learned from the financial brokers. For him to become a full-time forex trader, he had to retire from the company in 2003. Many people criticized Greg for creating a scheme of get-rich-quick. In 2011, he became the utterer at the National Achievers Congress at the Centre of Excel London Exhibition, plus in 2013 in South Africa, he founded the Global Success Summit.

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