How Organo Gold Company Found Success In The Coffee Industry

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The National Coffee Association keeps stats on coffee production and consumption. According to them, there were 125.2 million bags of coffee produced in 2009 and 2010. This makes it the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Coffee shops today can be found everywhere whether someone is in an urban setting or in the suburbs. Grocery stores stock most of an aisle with coffee products as well. Even when a recession hits people prioritize buying coffee because they love it so much. One company in the industry which has capitalized on this worldwide passion for coffee is the Organo Gold Company, a business located in Canada. They sell their products globally through a multilevel marketing structure. Individual sellers promote and sell the coffees that Organo Gold Company produces. Read the reviews at

Bernardo Chua is a co-founder of Organo Gold. He was a veteran of both the multilevel marketing industry and the coffee industry when he did this. Organo Gold opened for business in 2008 and he co-founded this company with Shane Morand. Morand is in charge of Organo Gold’s direct selling activities. This company also has a Scientific Advisory Board which is headed up by Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Irma Prado. Li Ye is also a member of this board and also founded a Chinese company which is partnered with Organo Gold called Xianzhilou Biology Research Center. The third board member is Dr. Li Xiaoyu who is the director of this center and who is responsible for certifying the organic ingredients which are used by Organo Gold.

You can’t buy Organo Gold products in a grocery store or coffee shop. Instead, individual sellers buy their products in wholesale amounts and then sell it to their customers. They earn 50% commission on each sale. Many individual sellers manage sales teams with whom they share their commissions.


One of the things that makes Organo Gold different from competing coffees is that it contains Ganoderma, a traditional Chinese herb which Bernardo Chua has a lifetime of experience with. They say that this herb has many health benefits including among them a natural way to control cholesterol levels as well as antiviral properties. They also add Ganoderma to the green tea, hot chocolate, latte, and supplements that they sale.

As of 2010, an industry news website called Business for Home estimated that Organo Gold had around $35 million in worldwide revenue. As of that year their products were sold in Canada, America, Austria, Germany, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Peru, and the Philippines. Also as of that year Organo Gold Company’s top earners earned around $350,000 to $400,000 a year. Most of the individual sellers, though, earn much less than such lofty number as that. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

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