Instrumental Organizations Fighting for Human, Civil and Migrant Rights

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Many groups fight and advocate for civil, human as well as migrant rights. The big challenge is that most of them are profit-making while others are not focused on their goals.

The organizations should be dedicated to seeing they help individuals affected by violations of these rights. They should also be determined to help victims of human rights violation in getting justice no matter who they are. Below is a discussion of focus groups that advocate for civil, migrant and human rights.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the most influential migrant rights organization. The organization was found by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to help individuals whose rights are violated.

The organization has operations in Arizona and across America. The group supports many families in getting equal rights as others. On top of that, the organization funds nonprofit organizations that advocate for migrant, civil and human rights.

The two founders of Phoenix New Times got a compensation of $3.75 million from Maricopa County after they filed a case for their illegal arrest. Lacey and Larkin reported some corruption and misdeeds in the office of Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix New Times.

The sheriff ordered their arrest after they exposed what was going on in his office. They challenged the arrest at a higher court, and they got justice. They decided to invest the compensation fund in founding Lacey& Larkin Frontera Fund.

American Immigration Lawyers Association is also an active organization dedicated to offering immigration law concepts to vulnerable persons. The group is made up of legal professionals as well as lawyers.

They offer consultation and educational services across America. The organization has helped many people in settling in the US legally. It also supports immigrants with necessary education and tips on how to get citizenship in the US and settle for good. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The Advocates for Human Rights is an influential organization that has been pushing for global human rights agendas. The organization was formed in 1983 and aims at promoting global advocacy for human rights.

The organization has been investigating the violation of human rights globally and helping affected victims in getting justice. It has also been educating many organizations and individuals fighting for children’s rights.

The fourth Organization is the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights for Los Angeles. This organization has been in the front line in fighting for immigrants’ rights locally as well as across America. CHIRLA supports individuals and human right organizations who aim at achieving rights relating to immigration and Civil awareness details.

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