Jamaica’s First Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team

Synchronized Swimming is one of the lesser known olympic water sports, yet, arguably, it is one of the most amazing. In many countries, the sport is fairly new, and it has only had a spot in the olympics for thirty years. In Jamaica, synchronized swimming has never found a permanent home on the country’s olympic team. Recently, some young Jamaican girls have decided to change this.
In the dazzling blue waters of Port Antonio, you will find a group of girls -all with their hearts set on going to the olympics- practicing this amazing water dance. The girls, ages 9-17 are coached by Olga Novokshchenova, a Russian gold medalist in synchronized swimming. Novokshchenova says she began teaching swimming lessons, and over the years has picked out the strongest swimmers and invited them to be on the team, which they call Island Island Synchro Aquatic.
The team has now placed with high honors in several competitions, including a recent one in Orlando, Florida. But, it hasn’t always been this way. At the first competition, they were one of the only black teams there, and finished dead last. They didn’t let that discourage them. Just two years later, they placed fourth- the highest Jamaica has ever placed in synchronized swimming- in the same competition.
Through injured legs and expensive competition and travel fees, the team has stuck together, and has high hopes to make it to the 2020 olympics.

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