Kelsi Gramer Swims For Her Sister Every Day

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Kelsi Gramer is looking forward to her next swimming competition. She will be competing against Liberty Gramer, who is her younger sister. Kelsi is swimming in honor of her other sister named Libby. She was also a swimmer and looking forward to being a part of the Delphi Oracles Swimming Team.

Kelsi is a senior, and Liberty is a freshman. This is the only time that they will be able to compete. Kelsi has been swimming since she was in middle school. However, swimming has a new meaning for her.

Libby passed away last year. Kelsi believes that swimming will make her sister proud. She also made the decision to participate in the events that Libby normally participated in. Kelsi used to participate in sprinter events, but she now participates in long-distance events. It was a tough change because it was something that her body was not used to.

Kelsi believes that she carries a piece of her sister with her when she swims. One day after Libby passed away, Kelsi was in her room looking for her socks. She ended up finding Libby’s goggles. She now wears Libby’s goggles while she is swimming.

Kelsi stated that swimming helped her cope with the death of her sister. Libby’s memorial poster is posted over the pool. Kelsi looks at it before she swims. Kelsi stated that she rather swim for her sister than for herself.

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