Kim Dao 2 out of 8 Top Rated Japanese Hair Care Products

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Kim Dao is a famous YouTube vlogger and blogger. She utilizes social media to discuss trending beauty products. Kim Dao put ten of her favorite Japanese hair care products. Japan is known for high quality and affordable hair care products. Kim Dao admits her hair is slightly damaged from over coloring and these products will react differently to different hair types. Kim Dao’s first favorite hair care product is Kao Essential. This product is a rich damage care treatment that is a deep conditioner that treats damaged hair. This is a 30 second treatment that can be used every single day to create smoother and more manageable hair. It works especially well for people with damaged hair. Another hair care product that Kim Dao likes is Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower. This product comes in a fun pink spray bottle. Ma Cherie Perfect Shower is great for bed head. If you sleep on your back your hair may seem crazy or flat. This product gets sprayed onto areas that need a bit of help. Brush through the hair and it will settle down the hair. Hair can air dry or be blown dried. This is a very light weight product with a light scent that virtually disappears as the product dries. These two reviewed Japanese hair care products as well as Kim Dao’s other top 8 can all be viewed here.

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