Lime Crime Cosmetics Expected To Expand To A Global Network

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Lime Crime continues to be a preferred brand with a unique and has decided to launch in China. LC, global manager, Kim Walls, has played a key role in the international expansion. They’ve foreseen a few obstacles, but not any which has delayed the launch from being a success. Unfortunately, replicas of their matte based formulated were being sold on the black market. The success of their e-commerce partnership has helped their international users authentic cosmetics which continue to be safe for your skin. Their hasn’t been any report on the estimated net-worth of the international cosmetic deal with Lime Crime cosmetics.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you’ll love the touch-free formula packed inside each easy distinguishable packaging. They offer rich buttery colors with cool names as identifies like Velvet Red. You get a waterproof formula guaranteed to last and give you supreme coverage. China is well known for making many products cool and LC cosmetics was no exception. They have now got through all the red tape and considered to have a successful launch in China along with shipping options with reasonable fees. Share your story on Pinterest with other users.

Don’t expect to find their unique cosmetics everywhere. They still remain an exclusive line with purchasing options available directly on the Lime Crime website. You can also find their cosmetics at select retail Bloomingdale department stores. Join the LC cosmetic family and find your unique color blend to bring out your best features today.

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