Lime Crime Gives you the Power to Express Yourself

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Lime Crime is perhaps best known for its outside-of-the-box colors of hair dyes, eyeshadows, and lips colors that are unapologetically bright and bold. Lime Crime is all about empowering you to be yourself and to express your personality through your hair and makeup.Recently the brand has released a brand new and very exciting lip care product called “Plushies.” Plushies are a “soft focus lip veil” which means that they add just the right amount of color to lips while staying feathery soft and light without being overly cakey or heavy.

Plushies are the newest, hottest item to become available firm Lime Crime and they were worth waiting for. They are the new nude lip and are really catching on quickly. Plushies are non-opaque and will add a natural color to lips without adding a lot of bulk. They will give lips a touch-proof finish and will last all day. No fuss, no muss. They are even infused with a delightful blackberry candy scent. Just one coat will give lips full coverage, and they can be paired with your favorite lip balm.

Plushies come in many fun colors such as Milk Tea, Turkish Delight, Blackberry, Jam, and Lavender Honey. They are also available in Rosebud, Butterscotch, Cola, and Marmalade. If you like purple hues, then you will love Gum Drop, Smokey, or Grape Jelly.

Like always, this Lime Crime product is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Plushies (like all of Lime Crime’s products) do not contain any ingredients that have been derived from animals, and no animal testing has ever been conducted in the manufacturing of Lime Crime’s products.

Plushies are easy to apply and are long-wearing. Once dry, they are smudge-proof and will add a pretty color to lips all day. To apply simply exfoliate lips and apply before layering on your favorite lip balm. Once it dries, simply at with a finger for that seductive, plush look. Plushies will not peel or flake so it is a great wear-and-go product and will enhance your natural lip hue. You can wear Plushies on their own or with your favorite gloss.

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