LimeCrime Cosmetics: Passion with a Purpose

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A Passion for Animals

LimeCrime is a unique cosmetics company that has a passion providing cruelty-free cosmetics products. All of their cosmetics products are 100% vegan. This claim is backed-up by the fact that this brand is dual certified by the Leaping Bunny Program and PETA. The Leaping Bunny Program is an internationally recognized certification which has developed a set of standards regarding the production of cruelty-free cosmetic products. They have granted LC a 100% vegan certification on the basis these makeup products adheres to these stringent standards.

Today, the company culture at LimeCrime is centralized around the idea of producing cosmetics that are animal-friendly. In alignment with the fact that their makeup is 100% vegan, LC does not use any animal products in their cosmetics whatsoever. This includes animal byproducts such as whey, beeswax, carmine, and lanolin. Their company website also states that they do not test any of their products on animals.

Vegan Product Lines

LC’s cosmetic lines extend across several core categories: lips, eyes, hair, highlighter, and nails. These products range in price from $14 to upwards of $50 dollars for each product. Lip products cost $20 apiece, whereas products in the eyes category range from $14 for the Diamond Dew eye shimmer singles, to $58 for LimeCrime’s new Venus palettes. LC also features a range of beautifully colored hair dyes, each costing $16. Their highlighter palettes come in several different color combinations, all costing $38. Their nail product line is comparatively smaller and exclusively features rainbow-chrome colored press-on nails. These nail kits cost $14 each.

About the Brand

LimeCrime was founded in 2008, by New York-based fashion designer Doe Deere, whose inspiration for the product came when she began creating her own makeup designed to compliment her beautifully bold and colorful fashion designs. Deere was able to successfully promote the makeup brand by producing a series of online makeup tutorials. Today, LC operates internationally and sells their products both online and through various retail outlets.

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