Matthew Autterson: A Leading Investment Management Advisor

Investment management involves trading of securities as well as portfolio management. These activities are carried out with the aim of achieving specific investment objectives. The portfolio may include securities such as bonds, shares among other types of securities and assets such as real estate. Investors include both institutional and private investors. Institutional investors come in the form of charities, insurance companies, governments, and pension funds among others. The private investors are those who have contracts in place with fund managers.

JP Morgan Asset Management is one of the leading investment management firms around. It is one of the oldest in the business and arguably one of the best generating over $1 trillion in 2015. The success comes down to understanding the market and working with only the best investment management advisors. Other notable names in the sector include Wellington Management Company, Vanguard Group and Goldman Sachs who are all global leaders in the trade.

Despite its high returns, running an investment firm may prove to be very challenging. This is because profits are directly linked to market valuation. If the value goes down, the company will suffer a great deal. Clients will also become unsettled during this period thus compounding the problem. It is for this reason that investment firms need to hire high caliber managers. One such manager is Denver-based Matthew Autterson.

About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson works as chief Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management, a company he also owns. In his position, Matthew Autterson seeks to guide clients towards achieving their investment goals by coming up with relevant investment strategies. His work is to ensure that the clients have an appropriate risk profile in line with their investment portfolios.

On top of this, Matthew Autterson advises on estate planning and tax issue as well as life insurance consulting. Autterson holds a number of other positions including Chief Compliance Officer and investment policy committee chairman at WIN. Autterson holds an Accounting degree from Buena Vista University where he also minored in Finance.


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