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Dentists are being overwhelmed with issues other than offering quality dental care to their patients. Keeping up with government regulations, accounting, billing and a host of other matters are taking away time the dentist would rather be spending with his or her patient. It is no surprise that many dentists are turning many of these issues over to an outside source and returning to concentrating on dentistry and patient care.

Founded in 2009, by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2 Dental Solutions offers all the non-clinical services that a dentist will need to have a dental practice without the distraction of all the government regulations. His vision has grown to over seventy-five employees now serving sixty plus affiliated dental offices. The dentist still has 100% control of patient care and the standards they want for their practice. MB2 is different than individual practice and group practice models of dentistry in that it allows dentists to get back to dentistry and still realize the full potential of profitability that their skills and hard work justify.

Many new dentists have no idea about the amount of time they will have to spend away from their patients overseeing non-clinical matters. Dentists are not trained to be lawyers, accountants and cost efficiency experts.

MB2 Dental offers a host of services to their affiliated dental offices but perhaps the most time consuming and burdensome are human resources and billing and collections. MB2 will provide it’s affiliated dental offices with assistance in all matters concerning human resources. Employee acquisition, payroll and benefits, labor relations, compliance with all dental regulations, and any other issues usually assigned to the human resource department. MB2 will handle all billing, including insurance companies and third party payors of their affiliated dental offices, making sure all forms are filed on time and in compliance with all state and federal requirements.

MB2 Dental Solutions, dedicated to offering dentists the right tools to achieve their goals in the industry. Associate dentists will have no limits on their earning potential and career growth.  MB2 will investigate the candidates work history and career goals, matching them with an affiliated dental practice that will offer them the right choice for their career path. Affiliated dental offices are dedicated to the integrity of the dental profession and making it possible for a dentist always to place the patient first.

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