Mecklenburg County Changing Pool Regulations

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Commissioners in Mecklenburg County have made changes to the public pool regulations. Residents in Charlotte have been complaining about the public pools for quite some time. Last year, 350 public pools in the county opened without getting an inspection.

The Mecklenburg County Health Director stated that every pool will be inspected before it opens. Lisa Corbett is a county official. She stated that there have been staff assigned to every pool. There are 1,400 public pools in Mecklenburg County and 43 inspectors.

There is a website that will tell you whether a public pool has been inspected. You can visit and go to the Review Public Pools section. After that, you will need to type in the pool address.

Vilma Leak is the District 2 Commissioner. She stated that it was important for the public to hear about the changes to the public pool regulations. Many people take their children to the public pool in the summer, and people want to know if the pool is safe.

Mecklenburg County is not the only place that is having issues with public pools. It is estimated that 12 percent of public pools have to be shut down each year due to sanitation issues. Many of the public health violations occur in water play areas and wading pools.

Public pools are also blamed for 15 to 20 disease outbreaks including diarrhea and the stomach flu. It is also important to note that a pool is not necessarily clean just because it has chlorine.

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