Nacho Dean Set to Become the First Person to Swim Around the World

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Nacho Dean, a Spanish living in Malaga, is set to create history by swimming around the world. He earned his fame by becoming the fist Spaniard to walk around the globe touring four continents and 31 countries while covering 33,000 kilometers on foot to document climate change. This time, he is set to become the first person in the history to swim and to walk around the world.


His challenge is called, “Nemo Expedition“, which will begin on June 8, coinciding with World Oceans Day, in the Strait of Gibraltar. His aim is to give a message for the conservation of the oceans and seas around the planet. To carry out this challenge, Nacho Dean conducted a training from January to May, where he toured the Spanish coast making crossings in open water while campaigning for the values of adventure sport and the fragile ecosystems of the seas around the Spanish coast.


The Malaga adventurer was nominated for the Prince of Asturias Awards 2015. In 2017, he published his book ‘Free and Wild’ where he recounts his adventure of traveling the world on foot. Talking to the local media, Nacho Den was enthusiastic about his new adventure, which he is dedicating to saving the marine eco systems. If Nacho Dean succeeds in his effort, it will be an unprecedented milestone in the history of adventure sports. If his dreams are successful, Nacho Dean will become the first person in history to go around the world walking and swimming.

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