O2Pur: A Purely Good Idea

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They have become a widespread item both for consumers and manufacturers, and Motley Fool believes them to be the future of the tobacco industry. They are e-cigarettes. These alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes are not only popular, Motley Fool also believes them to be a good investment.

Some of the big names in the industry are British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip Morris. Reynolds-American was also a major name in the industry; it is now, however, part of BAT after being purchased in the summer of 2017. That consolidation has been fairly typical within the industry, and it translates into close ties between the global cigarette giants. An example of the close ties can also be seen in Philip Morris’ continued business deals with its former parent company Altria–and the continued rumors that one may at some point buy the other.

There is another company that is a worthy investment, too. O2Pur is smaller than the global behemoths, but it is a company that is proof that a company need not be huge to be a good investment.

BAT is in more than a dozen markets with its various e-cigarette options, and it has plans to expand further. Philip Morris likewise is in numerous markets. That does not, however, mean that there is not plenty of room for other companies to expand as well.

The market for e-cigarettes is large, and it is growing. Philip Morris believes that society is heading for a smoke-free future, and it is urgently planning for that future. With such a scenario looming on the horizon, it is clear that there is plenty of room for growth within the e-cigarette market. That room for growth is a good thing for O2Pur, and it helps to make O2Pur a good investment.

The factors that make for a good e-cigarette are flavor, convenience, and good pricing. These are all things that O2Pur delivers on quite well.

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