OneLogin- Cloud Based Authentication and Supply Chain Management

Cloud based computing has revolutionized business and provided a one-stop-shop for supply chain and vendor management for the world’s largest companies. Cloud based authentication allows multiple businesses to access the same databases, cut costs, reduce manual entry for users, and secure data all in one location. OneLogin is providing these services to businesses on a large scale and revolutionizing business management.

OneLogin provides its clients with a secure means to store, access, and utilize personally identifiable information and secures this data behind a singular, centrally controlled firewall. This measure helps companies individually cut costs because the burden of security is placed on a third party- OneLogin. OneLogin accomplishes this robust security posture by using multi-factor authentication which requires multiple correct inputs to access sensitive data.

OneLogin also consolidates the IT support required to manage multiple databases and assure seamless operation at the individual user level. Companies who maintain their own databases are responsible for the manual entry and disassociation of users, as well as providing IT support to each user individually. OneLogin assumes these costs and offers these authentication and database management services in a single cost to the client. Moreover, clients of OneLogin are capable of using a single set of credentials to access a litany of data contained on the cloud. In turn, this reduces the IT support required to solve routine login issues and cuts costs to the client.

Fundamentally, OneLogin is simplifying the complex supply chain management for its clients by consolidating the chain into a single cloud based architecture. No longer is the productivity of a client defined by the fidelity of multiple databases, but, rather, can be maintained efficiently and reliably by a single company.

Cloud based authentication reduces the burden on the client through the OneLogin service. This enables clients of OneLogin to operate more efficiently and with lower overhead costs in terms of maintaining a complex and maintenance heavy data-management infrastructure.

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