Swimmers Need To Beware Of Sea Lion Attacks In San Francisco

A fourth sea lion attacked has now occurred at the San Francisco Aquatic Park. In December, a man was bitten on the leg in what can only be described as a highly unusual incident. Since that first incident in December, several other ones occurred, including the latest which happened in January.

Sea lions are known to be relatively peaceful animals that do not bother swimmers. Lately, there has been a string of incidents involving swimmers getting bit at a place called the Aquatic Park Cove. It is known to be a feeding ground and gathering place for sea lions.

One woman says that in her 50 years of visiting the aquatic park of San Francisco’s north coast, she has never heard of such attacks. The attacks are undoubtedly bizarre and have even baffled biologists and park officials. One theory is that there is a lower supply of herring, which is a fish the sea lion eat. This may make sea lions more territorial and aggressive.

Another theory is that an unusually aggressive sea lion is responsible for all the attacks. The woman who was bitten in the latest incident was swimming not far from shore when a sea lion attacked her. She says that the sea lion chomped down on her knee and tried to pull her underwater. A retired medic who was also swimming managed to help the victim swim back to shore and provided care until she was transported to a hospital. Signs now warn swimmers of the risk of sea lion attacks while swimming in the popular swim area known as the cove.

Rally Racer Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins was conceived in Brazil in 1979 and is an extremely all around observed Brazilian rally driver. He was conceived with his affection for games and rivalry, since his dad, Jack Terpins, was a notable b-ball player and mentor at Hebraica of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and at 42 years old, in 1991 the Senior Mr. Terpins, conceived in 1948, turned into that foundation’s most youthful President. The senior Mr. Terpins has numerous different achievements however no space to show them here. Said to indicate where Michel Terpins, age 38, and his sibling, Rodrigo Terpins, age 44, get their enthusiasm for speed, aggressiveness and winning.

Michel Terpins started his Sertoes rally dashing with bikes, in 2002, at that point soon climbed to autos and joined a rally foundation group, where he works intimately with his sibling, Rodrigo, who is a five-time Bull Sertoes group rally driver. Michel’s guide is 37-year old Maykel Justo. The Terpins siblings group has keep running in a few rivalries, including the Sertos Rally group, the Cross-Country as well as the Mitsubishi trophy. This will be almost his eleventh year in the tournament for which he has won the dominant part of, and it is Michel’s second year of cooperating with his pilot, Maykel Justo and driving their T-Rex model in the T1 class and they are the Championship group. Michel’s sibling, Rodrigo has an ensured third place in the Sertos rally, starting at July 4, 2017, where they were then top competition by gaining fifth for speed.

Notwithstanding back suspension issues and a broken gearbox, in this present Cross-Country Rally Championship of Brazil, Micheal Terpins completed the race in fourth place for one competition and placed tenth of the other candidates generally speaking. In rally dashing there are no pit stops to complete repairs, drivers need to drive in a wide range of unpleasant, crude territory – sand, rocks, alongside good and bad times of different highs and lows. They merit the laud they get for their diligent work and for the fun they have while there.

Swimming In Cold Water Can Ease Pain

Swimming may be just as effective for alleviating pain as painkillers. Doctors conducted a study on a man who suffered from excessive facial flushing. The man had surgery on the nerves in his chest to reduce the flushing.

The surgery was successful. However, the man suffered from severe pain that could not be relieved with surgery and physical therapy. The constant pain ruined the man’s life because he was an athlete before the surgery. He decided to turn to swimming for pain relief. The man did not feel any pain while he was swimming. The pain also went away after he stopped swimming.

The man’s quality of life has greatly improved. He has been able to return to his normal activities including his athletics. He has also not had any pain.

Doctors do not know exactly why this happened. However, they do believe that immersing yourself in cold water can shock the sympathetic nervous system. This can help alleviate pain. They also believe that the swimming in cold water can alter pain perception.

Pain relief is not the only benefit that can be reaped from swimming. It helps take some of the stress off of the body. It can also build your endurance and muscle strength. Additionally, it is a workout that requires you to use all of the major muscle groups in your body.

Michael Hagele Puts His Clients First

Michael Hagele is someone who works as an outside general counsel for technology companies. He works in the aerospace, defense, internet, and biotechnology industries. He is someone who understands the legal world, and he uses the knowledge that he has as he looks out for those companies that turn to him for help. Michael Hagele has much experience, and that experience guides him in the work that he does. He has shared that the experience that he has in the legal world has helped him see how companies can benefit from high-quality legal services. He is there to meet the needs of those companies that are looking to be successful. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter.

The typical start of a day for Michael Hagele is spent working on projects for technology clients. He will work on drafting and reviewing contracts for his clients and helping them out in that way. After he is done with such work, Michael Hagele likes to take a break and get some time to himself. He likes to leave the office and head outdoors to gain a new perspective on all that he is handling. He then comes back to the office to take on various client issues again and to serve those who look to him for help.

Michael Hagele never gives up and he credits the success that he has found to that trait of his. He believes that a person needs to keep on pushing on no matter what they are facing. Tenacity is something that is important to him and something that has pushed him to get where he is today. He also believes that it is important to put a client first. He believes that is something that helps a person to be successful and he feels that it is the right thing to do. He believes in thinking of the client’s best interest. Read more: http://michaelhagele.com/


Florida Swimmer Among Victims Of High School Shooting

All who knew Nicholas Dworet were impressed with the amazing progress the young swimmer had made over the last year and a half. Dworet was seen as a hard-working young man that went from being a mediocre swimmer to earning a full scholarship to attend the University of Indianapolis.

Andre Bailey, the swimming coach with TS Aquatics in Broward County, Florida, says that Dworet took the initiative to carve out the future he wanted for himself. “This Kid,” Bailey explains took an active part in the “planning and organizing” of his life.

Dworet, a high school senior, was among the seventeen individuals that lost their lives on Wednesday when a disgruntled former student began shooting at the high school Dworet attended in Parkland, Florida.

Nikolas Cruz was arrested shortly after committing the atrocity. Cruz, who had been expelled from the school committed the assault by using an AR-15 rifle.

Bailey says he was present with members of the Dworet family when they received confirmation that Nicholas was among the victims.

Dworet was team captain for the TS academy swim team and was known as ‘Swim Daddy’ by his teammates because of the way in which he encouraged them to practice and train. Baily said that Dworet was well-loved by teammates.

Officials with the University of Indianapolis have not yet commented on the matter but Bailey says he has been in touch with swimming coaches at the college.

Kaliszak, Bratton Nab Scholar Athlete Honors:

Luke Kaliszak and Lisa Bratton have had pretty successful careers for Alabama and Texas A&M respectively. But it is not only in the pool where they accomplish great things. They also do the job where it counts most for a collegiate athlete, in the classroom.

The pair were named the SEC’s Men’s and Women’s Swimming Scholar Athletes of the Year. Kaliszak is a pre-med major who garnered a 3.975 GPA. He was also named a First-Team CoSIDA Academic All-American in 2017. Bratton, who is an ocean engineering major, has a 3.71 GPA, and is also the vice president of the school’s Omega Epsilon chapter.

The two proved that they are able to maintain high marks in very challenging courses and not have their performances in the pool suffer for it. Kaliszak has ten All-American honors to his credit and was part of Alabama’s national championship 200 medley relay team in 2016. Your text to link… He also holds the school record in the 100 butterfly, an event he finished ninth in at this year’s SEC Championships.

Bratton’s accomplishments at Texas A&M are just as impressive. She is a ten-time All-American with four SEC Championships to her credit. She also finished third in the 100 backstroke at this year’s SEC Championships. Bratton also swims for the USA National Team.

Both Kaliszak and Bratton are team captains.

Some Records End At First Day Of Swim Meet In Kansas

There were some state records that had long stood in Kansas that were on the chopping block when the high school students met to compete with one another. It seems that no matter how high the bar was for those records today’s students were ready to exceed them.

There were four records in total that were taken out in just day one of the preliminary meet. That is the most that have fallen in a single day of a swim meet in Kansas high school history.

A lot of the swimmers told the local news station that having so many records fall was all the more motivation for them to do their very best as well. They did not want to leave anything in the pool and regret that they were not able to perform to the utmost of their abilities. You could tell by the way that they were competing that there was nothing left in the tank for so many of these students.

It all depended upon which division the swimmer’s school was in as far as how many records were broken. When it came to the schools that were in the very top of the food chain (division 6A), there were no records broken.

Regardless, all of the competitiors did a terrific job and really impressed the spectators. It was a display of sportsmanship and athletic talent all at the same time. It was truly a sight to behold for many of those in attendance that day.

New York Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Believes Compromise For Employment Incentives Is A Good Idea

If you are trying to create a sustainable economic environment for corporations, get ready for a battle. Jeremy Goldstein realizes that in this climate it is the type of battle where long-term employees and investors stand to lose the most. That is why Goldstein is always available to handle any of Earnings Per Share questions that corporate officials might have.


Goldstein also realizes that the Earnings Per Share (EPS) system can seem like a good strategy for most businesses to utilize. However, there is a competitive undercurrent that can give certain entities unfair advantage when it comes to the EPS.


Goldstein also pointed out that opponents of the EPS system are concerned that it leads to favoritism and a “blind eye” turned toward the CEO of said companies. They are also concerned that unethical CEOs could also skew the results for brownie points with investors. Is this unethical? You bet, and at the very worst it is downright illegal.


Opponents also have other concerns, including their belief that these metrics only work for short term profitability. In the long run, they claim, this incentive only hurts companies because it hinders a company’s chance for growth and reinvestment of money. They also feel these metrics are extremely unreliable. Goldstein believes that Some EPS incentives is a good thing, but not too much. In short, he believes that a compromise is in order.


Goldstein’s solution? He says that doing away with pay per performance would create more problems than it would solve. He believes that there must be a way to make CEO and other company leadership accountable for their actions. He also promoted the idea that pay per performance should be appropriately aligned with the long-term plan of any company. He believes that is the best strategy for long-term growth and pay-incentives that doesn’t compromise the ethics of the company.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who specializes in money legality with large corporations. In the past, he has worked with cellular companies, oil companies, banking companies and stockholder companies. He earned his Juris Doctorate from New York University School of Law. He also enjoys philanthropy, regularly donating to Fountain House in their quest to help people afflicted with mental illnesses. Learn more: http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/

Why More People Are Swimming In Cold Water

The thought of swimming in cold water makes a lot of people cringe. However, more people are opting to do it. This trend is nothing new. In fact, people have been swimming in cold water since the 1800s. Many of these people swam in cold water without wet suits.

Jitka Tauferva is 76-years-old and is a part of a swimming club in the Czech Republic. She is in excellent health. She stated that she has not had the flu in 25 years. She stated that cold water swimming is one of the reasons that she has not been sick. Jitka also suffered from back pain in the past, which she says disappeared when she started swimming.

Research has shown that cold water swimming does have some health benefits. Many people have been able to get instant pain relief by submerging themselves in water. There was another study done that showed that swimming in cold water can ease depression symptoms. It can raise the chemicals in the blood that regulate mood.

There was a study done in 2011 where soccer players were asked to submerge themselves in water. The results of the study showed that the players had less pain and fatigue after a game. Even though swimming in cold water can benefit your health, it does has some health risks.

Cold water can increase stress hormone production, which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This can be dangerous for people who already have heart or blood pressure problems. There is also a hypothermia risk. That is why people who swim in cold water gradually acclimatize themselves to the cold temperatures.

Jason Hope and His Inveterate Passion To Find The Secrets of Eternal Youth

The science of aging is such a complicated and elusive process. It requires a lot of trial and error, and it demands a lot of sacrifice and risk for those who will study it.

One of the few brave and risk taking people in the medical industry today who want to study the complexities of aging is Jason Hope, a respected tech whiz, investor and capitalist that wants to find the secrets of eternal youth.

Jason Hope’s SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is one of the proponents and advocates of the SENS Foundation, which is involved in finding ways to use rejuvenation biotechnologies in finding out how to achieve the eternal youth. It is not the quest to live forever that Jason Hope wants.

The philanthropist in Jason Hope just wants to use the best of his skills and effort to create a better life not just for himself, for his family’s future, but also for the world.

He’s also willing to pay for the risks and challenges of such efforts, which makes him even more courageous. He understands that in the efforts of his SENS foundation to find the right answers to the problems he addresses, he may have to cut ties with some people.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll be alone in his quest. Since 2010, he has already made a lot of connections and money, about half-a-million from investors’ support in his projects, mainly the funding of his new laboratory in Cambridge.

It is the hope also of the organization that Jason Hope will start, to make sure that the anti-aging research that he proposes will have the best technological backing that it needs to reach its aims. For this, he’s being called one of the futurists in the United States, and this claim is something that he takes a lot of pride from.

Before we proceed, we should highlight first that SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, which is a fantastic name in itself but has also been consistent in giving the people new ideas to answer the aging problems. The foundation believes that we can learn a lot from species and animals who have made use of their nature to delay symptoms of aging. Some of these species include tortoises and the ever amorphous hydras. These species, unlike others, don’t increase their chances of dying just by aging.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope graduated from the Arizona State University with a Degree in BS Finance. He took an MBA in Business at W.P. Carey School of Business and is now an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope