Meet The New Chief Financial Officer Of Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell

There many attributes that determine the success of a firm; among the leading actors is the leadership of the organization. Every firm needs to be careful about who they give the senior positions of the company. The individuals in this position are the people who constantly make the decisions of the firm.


Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW), was founded in 1828. Throughout the years the firm has been doing great in the market as a result of good leadership. The firm is a universal advisory company, and it helps the customers benefit in risky situations, instead of succumbing to them. They design and deliver managing risks solutions. They help in unleashing the potential of a company by carefully evaluating all the factors of a business. The firm is currently operating in more than 140 countries, with more than 40000 employees.


The sad news is Roger Millay; the current Chief Financial Officer has decided to retire by October 2, 2017. The firm has, however, found his replacement that will propel the company after Millay. The firm is happy to announce Michael Burwell as their Chief Financial Officer.

Michael Burwell has an excellent reputation in the field, and the firm does not doubt that his the right individual for the position. Burwell has been working at PwC for 31 years. This means he has indispensable skills in finance and professional services. In the past ten years, Burwell has had a chance to explore several senior positions, which has polished his leadership skills. The positions include; Head of Transaction Services, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the USA. He also has Transaction Services advisory experience of 12 years and auditing experience of 11 years. Go To This Page for additional information.



The Chief Executive Officer, of Willis Towers Watson, welcomed Michael Burwell with open hands. In his statement, he expressed his confidence in him as well as listed his expectations. He said that Burwell has the required skills to lead a global, complex organization. He also mentioned that Burwell prioritizes the needs of the customers, which makes him more effective. He added he did not doubt that with his help, Willis Towers Watson would achieve their long-term goals.


John Haley, the CEO did not forget to show his gratitude to Mr. Millay. He praised him saying he had done a great job for the company. Through his intelligence and advice, the company is better than it was when he joined. Michael Burwell also appreciated the chance to work with the company and promised to deliver to his best of ability.

Lawrence Bender is The Mind Behind Kill Bill Vol 1

Lawrence Bender has produced many movies in his career but the Kill Bill series is definitely his most famous. The movie swept box offices with amazing profits, pleasing both audiences and investors.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 had a level of violence never before seen on the big screen. It mimics the ultra-violence found in some Japanese action films and it has a sense of exaggeration instead of realism. The movie contains a lot of familiar and new faces that create the perfect cast for the movie.

Uma Thurman plays her role as “The Bride” very well. Her wedding was interrupted by bloodshed and put her into a coma. As she awoke, she came back with vengeance to hunt down those responsible for the wedding massacre. She ends up all the way in Japan in an epic battle with the Yakuza, which is the most famous highlight of this classic film.

More About the Producer: Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender had always wanted to get into the entertainment industry but he never necessarily planned on being a producer. He pursued his passion as a dancer since attending university but he had to put it to an end after a major injury.

Lawrence Bender’s production career is closely tied with director Quentin Tarantino and he directed all of his films. He started with Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and he still is producing films to this day. You may also notice his name in the credits of Django Unchained and An Inconvenient Truth.

Lawrence Bender is also an avid activist and supports many anti-war and social causes. Being a nature lover, he is a contributor to the National Wildlife Federation and earned the position as a Wildlife Hero. He is also an advisor to the John F. Kennedy School of Government, which helps make the world a more peaceful place.

Aside from Tarantino films, Lawrence Bender is also behind Good Will Hunting and Tales From the Darkside. He produced the recent documentary Countdown to Zero, which featured interviews with many world leaders. He is a recipient of multiple awards for his films, including a few Academy Awards.

Southridge Capital and Its Unique Structured Finance Services

Southridge Capital has a long history and experience in the provision of finance for more than two hundred fifty public companies that gives it an exclusive comprehension on the dilemmas that starting companies most often have. The professional team at Southridge Capital have the aptitude to give counsel or recommendations on majority of the problems companies experience from being turned into a public entity, to the implementation of customized financing methods, to the proper handling and enhancement of their respective balance sheets.

Since the firm’s inception in 1996, the team for structured finance was able to come up with a direct investment of more than $1.8 billion that were infused into the development of companies all over the world. The specialty of the firm is in its unique proficiency in the creation of personalized financial programs for its clients and its proper process of implementation.

The firm’s structured finance services are made up of securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions.

For its securitization services, Southridge is aware that most companies do not have chance to take advantage of most opportunities to augment their financial needs. To resolve this type of issue, the firm offers unconventional techniques which generally comprise of turning the company’s actual assets into legal tender. Particular strategies include getting a loan against capital assets or other kinds of assets, and inside shareholders’ stocks.

According to Newswire, in the implementation of its credit enhancing services, the firm works to improve the credit image of the client with their respective lenders by recommending the removal of the debt by giving the said creditors part of the company’s common stocks. This particular move will be administered based on the real debt paying ability of the cited stocks, which eliminates the need for a statement of registration. Southridge will likewise see to it that conveyance of common stock will have the minutest undesirable effect conceivable on the market. Check out to see more.

To leverage the cash needs of companies, Southridge aims to provide its clients with the best way out of their financial issues by formulating specific solutions based on their particular needs. Some products the firm can offer in particular is the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) that gives its clients the chance to secure capital upon their request anytime regardless of the current state of the market.

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How Organo Gold Company Found Success In The Coffee Industry

The National Coffee Association keeps stats on coffee production and consumption. According to them, there were 125.2 million bags of coffee produced in 2009 and 2010. This makes it the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Coffee shops today can be found everywhere whether someone is in an urban setting or in the suburbs. Grocery stores stock most of an aisle with coffee products as well. Even when a recession hits people prioritize buying coffee because they love it so much. One company in the industry which has capitalized on this worldwide passion for coffee is the Organo Gold Company, a business located in Canada. They sell their products globally through a multilevel marketing structure. Individual sellers promote and sell the coffees that Organo Gold Company produces. Read the reviews at

Bernardo Chua is a co-founder of Organo Gold. He was a veteran of both the multilevel marketing industry and the coffee industry when he did this. Organo Gold opened for business in 2008 and he co-founded this company with Shane Morand. Morand is in charge of Organo Gold’s direct selling activities. This company also has a Scientific Advisory Board which is headed up by Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Irma Prado. Li Ye is also a member of this board and also founded a Chinese company which is partnered with Organo Gold called Xianzhilou Biology Research Center. The third board member is Dr. Li Xiaoyu who is the director of this center and who is responsible for certifying the organic ingredients which are used by Organo Gold.

You can’t buy Organo Gold products in a grocery store or coffee shop. Instead, individual sellers buy their products in wholesale amounts and then sell it to their customers. They earn 50% commission on each sale. Many individual sellers manage sales teams with whom they share their commissions.


One of the things that makes Organo Gold different from competing coffees is that it contains Ganoderma, a traditional Chinese herb which Bernardo Chua has a lifetime of experience with. They say that this herb has many health benefits including among them a natural way to control cholesterol levels as well as antiviral properties. They also add Ganoderma to the green tea, hot chocolate, latte, and supplements that they sale.

As of 2010, an industry news website called Business for Home estimated that Organo Gold had around $35 million in worldwide revenue. As of that year their products were sold in Canada, America, Austria, Germany, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Peru, and the Philippines. Also as of that year Organo Gold Company’s top earners earned around $350,000 to $400,000 a year. Most of the individual sellers, though, earn much less than such lofty number as that. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Cal is the Team to Beat in Women’s 200 Free Relay:

Last year, Cal set not only an NCAA record in the Women’s 200 Free Relay, but a U.S. Open record of 1:25.59. Even though they lost one of those relay swimmers, Farida Osman, to graduation, Katie McLaughlin has filled her shoes, and the Golden Bears have not missed a beat. Your text to link…

At the Pac-12 Championships, Cal’s 200 Free Relay team placed first with a time of 1:25.87. That was a second better than Conference runner-up Stanford. While three of the swimmers for the Cardinal had splits of 21 seconds, their leadoff swimmer Janet Hu, had a split of 22.28. A quicker start at the national meet could help Stanford try and get by Cal.

But the two Pac-12 schools are not the only ones to watch out for in the Women’s 200 Free. Two other relays have come in at under 1:27, Virginia and Louisville at 1:26.67 and 1:26.92 respectively. Two other teams with a shot at knocking off Cal or Stanford, should they managed to shave off a few seconds from their best times, are Ohio State and Tennessee. The Buckeyes best time this season was 1:27.08, while the Lady Vols’ season best was 1:27.26. The dark horses for the title would be Michigan (1:28.00) and Texas A&M (1:28.37).

The NCAA National Meet runs March 14-17 in Columbus, Ohio.

Drew Madden: Technology And Patient Care

Drew Madden has spent much of his time working on the technology of medical recording. He uses his advanced skills to create healthcare systems that improve the quality of life for patients. Madden has worked with consulting companies such as Cerner and Nordic Consulting. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa. Madden states how much he enjoys the rewards and challenges that come with working in the electronic medical recording field.

The hospital setting is one area that technology is trying to improve. Often, after a patient leaves the hospital follow-up care is never performed. Missing or ignoring follow-up treatments can be more expensive or even deadly in the long run. A system that tracks and assists someone who fails to do followup procedures outside of the hospital will keep them from returning. The hospital may receive financial incentives if they reduce readmissions. The goal is to see the patient through the illness all the way to full recovery. By tracking doctors, therapy, and pharmacy visits, it can be done.

Setting up advance directives can be a difficult task for some people or families. An advance directive spells out a person’s end-of-life wishes. Currently, there is no central program to access for information. A healthcare tool that informs and helps people complete the paperwork and make the necessary decisions, while they still can, is another needed system.

Other opportunities to cut down on billing fraud are being implemented in the state of Texas already. Healthcare providers paid by the state are required to show proof of hours worked. The system they use to track the hours is called EVV. EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification. If a caregiver is late or needs to leave early, the pay can be adjusted accordingly. If a caregiver abandons the post during the middle of the night, it is now noticed. The monitoring system is saving money and increasing patient care.

He has a lot of interest in technology, and Drew Madden looks forward to merging it with the medical field to provide a higher quality of life for all patients.


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Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

According to many research carried out and the extensive meta-analysis did it has proven that listening to music can enhance mental health. Furthermore, changes occurring around us daily in our lives would be a reflection brought about by songs. Talkspace has recently released a “spring sounds” playlist that is aimed at outing one’s mood in the transition from seasons-from winter to spring. Targeting the mental health of the listener the “spring sounds” playlist would evoke a chill feeling to the season full of activity. Most people would not seek help when faced with issues affecting their mental health. A significant number of people would have the opinion that they would be perceived as weak if they admitted they needed help when their psychological health is disturbed. Acknowledging that one needs help and making an effort to ask for it is a vital step one has to take. However as easy as it may sound one admitting that they have an illness affecting them mentally due to a lot of stigma surrounding the whole idea. People experience the feeling of inadequacy which might hinder them from accepting something is wrong. Finding a professional and licensed mental therapist on Talkspace is an easy and affordable process. One has to install the app on their phone and sign up for only $25 per week. After signing up, few background details about the patient are collected including what be considered when picking their therapist of choice. The Talkspace team then matches the patient with the best fit therapist. The patient and the therapist would then be introduced and meet on the app and sessions take place mostly through texting. Although some people prefer physical meetups, but for some text therapy sessions would cut it. Talkspace has enabled thousands of people to access mental therapists in a fast and simple way.

Innovative Hydrotherapy Center for Dogs

It’s well-known that swimming is a great exercise for people with arthritis or who are undergoing rehabilitation. Swimming is a lower-impact exercise than jogging, bicycling or other exercise activities, making it ideal for fitness and weight loss for patients who might otherwise struggle. In fact, there’s a whole school of treatment built around water known as hydrotherapy.

Water rehabilitation centers aren’t just for people anymore. Hydrotherapy centers designed exclusively for canines are starting to open across the country. One such place is the K9 Aquatic Center in Potomac, Maryland. Situated neatly in a suburban strip mall, the Center welcomes dogs of all walks of life. While many of the dogs that arrive are arthritic or working through rehabilitation, others are simply puppies with more energy than their masters can handle.

Hydrotherapy is a relatively recent innovation in veterinary care, but it’s growing rapidly. It can help dogs that have been injured or ravaged by illness to rebuild muscle strength, and it can also help elderly dogs lose weight through low-impact exercise.

For a canine swimming center to be medically accredited, a licensed veterinarian is required to be onsite. Because of this the K9 Aquatic Center is not, strictly speaking, a hydrotherapy center, and roughly half of their clients come for recreation rather than health reasons – dogs love to swim after all. But they do employ certified dog handlers, and local veterinarians often prescribe a visit to the Center for their patients.

Mecklenburg County Changing Pool Regulations

Commissioners in Mecklenburg County have made changes to the public pool regulations. Residents in Charlotte have been complaining about the public pools for quite some time. Last year, 350 public pools in the county opened without getting an inspection.

The Mecklenburg County Health Director stated that every pool will be inspected before it opens. Lisa Corbett is a county official. She stated that there have been staff assigned to every pool. There are 1,400 public pools in Mecklenburg County and 43 inspectors.

There is a website that will tell you whether a public pool has been inspected. You can visit and go to the Review Public Pools section. After that, you will need to type in the pool address.

Vilma Leak is the District 2 Commissioner. She stated that it was important for the public to hear about the changes to the public pool regulations. Many people take their children to the public pool in the summer, and people want to know if the pool is safe.

Mecklenburg County is not the only place that is having issues with public pools. It is estimated that 12 percent of public pools have to be shut down each year due to sanitation issues. Many of the public health violations occur in water play areas and wading pools.

Public pools are also blamed for 15 to 20 disease outbreaks including diarrhea and the stomach flu. It is also important to note that a pool is not necessarily clean just because it has chlorine.

Indian River Continues to Dominate NJCAA:

It is hard to find any team at any level of college athletics as dominant as the Indian River State College Swim and Dive Team. The men’s squad just picked up its 44th consecutive NJCAA National Championship. Not to be outdone, the women’s team also continued their mind-boggling streak of national titles with their 36th in a row.

The streaks for both teams from the Port St. Lucie based school never seemed to be in doubt. The Pioneers and Lady Pioneers ran away with their latest national titles. The men racked up 1,245 points, with South Georgia State a distant second at 561.5 points and Monroe College third with 450 points. The Indian River Women won with a grand total of 1,181 points. South Georgia placed a distant second at 591 points, with Iowa Central third with 379 points. Your text to link…

Indian River capped off the fourth and final night of the NJCAA nationals at Fort Pierce, Florida with a slew of first place finishes. The Lady Pioneers took the top five spots in the 100 free, with Camryn Wheals finishing in first place. The Pioneers also took the first three places in the men’s 100 free, with Ryen Van Wyk the national champion. The men had the top four places in the 200 back, with Luka Tomic taking first place. Sule Van Der Merwe won the 200 back on the women’s side.