Highland Capital’s Above Average Performance


Dallas based Highland Capital Management’s outstanding performance in 2016 produced over a 30% gain for its investors. The gain which tripled the performance of the S&P 500 was focused on energy stocks. In 2017 Highland Capital set its sights on underperforming healthcare stocks. By October of 2017, these healthcare stocks were up by over 20%. Michael Gregory the chief investment officer at Highland made the Healthcare picks For Highland’s Small Cap Equity Fund. Mr. Gregory works closely with James Dondero the president and founder of Highland. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Mr. Gregory points to Highland’s credit competency as one reason for its success and when the oil prices were down Mr. Gregory and Mr. Dundero saw the potential for growth with mainstream customers and Limited Partnerships which rely on volume rather than the price of crude. Mr. Gregory also took notice of the difference in performance of the energy and healthcare sectors and after careful study, Mr. Gregory saw a possible rebound for the healthcare market happening 2017. The opioid epidemic in the United States was pressuring insurance companies to search for alternative painkiller solutions.

The potential for growth in this market was noticed by Mr. Gregory and he brought investment in Highland’s Small Cap Equity Fund up to 25% in healthcare. Other investments for the fund included multifamily real estate investment trusts. Mr. Gregory credits the success in this real estate market to the demographic boom going on throughout big cities in Texas. Highland Small Cap Equity Fund remains in the energy market and expects growth to reach over 20%. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Highland acquired the Small Cap Equity Fund from GE Asset Management in 2010. When Mr. Dondero and Mr. Gregory took control of the fund its performance skyrocketed and the fund is rated as above average by Morningstar. Highland Capital was founded over 20 years ago by James Dondero and is located in Dallas, Texas and holds over 14 billion dollars in assets. It is the most experienced and lucrative alternative investment firm in the world today. Its Investments include distressed and special situations, collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds and ETFs. Highland has offices across the globe.

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Dr. Mark McKenna


During the times of hardships and trouble, like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, most people expect to find their doctor searching for an acceptable place to practice and see patients. So was not the case with Dr. Mark McKenna, a medical doctor practicing medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana before the hurricane. Dr. McKenna was part of the disaster relief effort. He helped plan and develop moderate to low income housing for the people of New Orleans. He willingly put the needs of the community before his own. Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA, is very passionate about being a patient advocate, and a servant to the community. He is a board certified doctor of medicine and surgery, licensed by examiners in both Florida and Georgia.

Originally from New Orleans, Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. Upon graduating, he joined his father in his medical practice. At this time, he was also launching his own business. McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm. Several years later, Dr. McKenna acquired Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. These companies grew and offered services in real estate closings, and finance. After the clean up in New Orleans, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he set up another successful medical practice.

When he moved to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna started the wellness medical center called Shape Med. He later sold the center to Life Time Fitness where he served as National Medical Director. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of OVME, which is a consumer facing company that focuses on elective healthcare. Dr. McKenna has a well established routine for success in all of his endeavors. He sets goal, and he meditates. This combination of activities is his formula for successful venture. He also cites that he is an avid reader, and this increases his productivity. Dr. Mark McKenna thinks that the one trend that has made an incredible impact on him and people ingeneral is that there has been a decline in smoking over the years. His strategy for helping to grow his business is to surround himself with people who are smarter than he.

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Dr. Mark McKenna; Bringing Healthcare Closer to You


Dr. Mark McKenna, who is both a doctor and an entrepreneur has founded many companies as well as organizations. Some of them include the McKenna Crescent Investment Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, ShapeMed in 2007, and most recently, OVME. OVME has been dealing with the production of aesthetic through the use of technology. The products from the company are used in the provision of healthcare services in different medical institutions. Since its founding in July 2017, the firm has come up with several inventions. Mark is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and has helped the company open clinics in areas like Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Nashville. Through his efforts, the firm has also launched a mobile health app. These things have been made possible through funds amounting to four million dollars from investment firms.

Dr. Mark McKenna aims at providing clients with medical access at their places of residence through the clinics and mobile application. When they fall sick, they’ll just have to report through their phones, and one of the qualified doctors will come to their rescue. This will bring a lot of convenience to the sick person since it’s easier when the doctor is moving to where the patient is instead of the patient having to go to the doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna is approved by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners as well as the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. He studied at the Tulane University Medical School and began to work in the medicine sector alongside his father who was a physician.

After serving in the healthcare sector, he pursued his passion for real estate, and this saw him open the McKenna Crescent Investment Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. The company hosted around fifty-five employees who contributed to its success in construction industry. ShapeMed has also been doing well over the years and now has a large number of chain offices in different locations. ShapeMed offers treatments and remedies like Botox injections, laser hair removal, weight-loss guidelines, and nutrition plans. Dr. Mark McKenna has received many awards for his contributions including the Black Diamond certification from the Allergan Inc. He has featured in the Doctorpreneur show on CBS and continues to receive more recognition every day.

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Rio Seeks PPP to Help It Expand Its Child Education Network


The city of Rio is intent on using Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to expanding the child education network. The plan is to create at least 20,000 and 40,000 new places in day care centers and pre-schools respectively. Feasibility studies on the PPPs are still being carried out. Once complete, these PPPs will come in to construct and maintain the educational equipment.

Fulfilling Campaign Trail Promises

Felipe Montero Jens reports that the current government made it clear on the campaign trail that it was committed to bettering the education sector. Marcelo Crivella, the mayor of the city, is committed to giving the entire education sector in the city a facelift. He is currently consulting widely with his team at the mayor’s office to ensure the current project is a success.His government has brought the International Finance Corporation (IFC)as the official consultant for the project. The World Bank Group member will also be responsible for providing consulting services for the Public Lighting PPP project in Rio de Janeiro. For now, however, the private sector developing institution is focused on project modeling for the child education sector. For the current project, it was hired for R $ 2.3 million to provide expertise, financial resources, global experience, innovative thinking to help with financial and operational challenges.

Legality of PPPs

Felipe Montero Jens reports that similar partnerships have taken place in Brazil before. In 2012, a similar agreement was reached for the first PPP of schools in the mining capital of Belo Horizonte. These PPP structures are in line with Law 11,079 established in December 2004, which allows the government to partner with the private sector for the provision of public services where the government is facing a shortage of resources. The private companies contracted develop, construct and ensure full operation of public goods and services. The companies are sign an administrative concession contract with municipalities, states, the Federal District or the Union which make up public administration.

James Dondero Continues to Make a Difference in the Dallas Community


James Dondero is a philanthropist who is committed to serving those in the Dallas community. He is an investment manager who cofounded Highland Capital Management with its affiliates Highland and his business partner Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management was also honored by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the best places to work.

Dondero, who is also the president of the company, says that the company strives to align with the interest of clients and to provide a quality work environment. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Organizations that Dondero has contributed to include The Family Place. The businessman recently announced the $1 Million Challenge Grant sponsored by Highland Capital Management. This grant will benefit the Finish the Family Place, a $16.5 million capital campaign. James Dondero has also contributed to the Dallas Zoo. Highland Capital Management’s donation of $1 million to the Highland Hippo Hut. The money has also gone to Dallas Zoo private events and educational amenities.

Highland Capital Management is also part of the Tower Scholars Program. The organization donated $2 million to Southern Methodist University, and provides hard-working exceptional students with undergraduate funds. The scholarship also help to expose students to public policymaking and gives students the opportunity to study abroad. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero is also involved with Education is Freedom. This organization provides funds to at-risk youth who want to pursue a college degree. Education is Freedom also offers professional development for students, as well as preparation for standardized tests. Mentoring is part of the Education is Freedom project as well, and the organization can connect students with internships at some of the foremost corporations and organizations in Dallas.

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Why Jeremy Goldstein Thinks Knockout Options Can Be Beneficial to a Corporation


Attorneys like Jeremy Goldstein, who specializes in part on advising on executive compensation issues, strongly encourage companies to offer stock options to employees. In addition to being easier to offer than equities, employees also understand that the worth of their stock depends on the company’s success. In this way, they contribute to morale and productivity.


To cancel out the risk of accounting headaches for employers due to dropping stock values, Jeremy Goldstein recommends what is commonly referred to as a “knockout” option. With this option, employees only maintain their stock if the value per unit does not drop below a set price for a significant amount of time, usually considered to be a week or more, within their term limit.


This can further contribute to productivity; employees who own stock will likely be more driven to further the success of the company so they can not only avoid losing their investments, but increase their value. Knockout options can also result in fewer accounting costs and more attractive annual earnings reflected to potential and current non-employee stockholders.


After spending 14 years as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Jeremy Goldstein founded his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. In addition to executive compensation, he also advises on issues related to corporate governance matters. His legal services have contributed to several of the largest corporate transactions of the last 10 years.


Jeremy Goldstein received his J.D. from New York University School of Law in 1999 and has over 18 years of legal experience. He has also been a regular contributor to the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation over the past decade, and since 2008 has volunteered on the Board of Directors for Fountain House, a charity dedicated to mental illness recovery. Learn more: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews

True Benefits of the Talkspace App


Whether you’re dealing with bipolar disorder that is affecting your relationships or you have a problem with severe depression that is taking its toll on your physical health, you need a therapist who is there for you when you need them the most. Therapists are trained and experienced professionals who basically talk through your problems with you to help you see these issues in a new and different light. Because of the benefits of therapy, it’s no wonder that so many doctors recommend it to patients who are struggling mentally.

Unfortunately, traditional therapy just isn’t right for everyone and, in fact, is becoming obsolete in the mental health world. With everything now being online-based and available as an app, it was just a matter of time before therapy joined the ranks in the mobile industry. The app known as Talkspace helps you to receive high-quality therapy in the comfort of your own home. The app can be downloaded and customized to your own needs, which matches you to a qualified therapist who is specialized in the field you’re suffering from, such as depression, couple’s therapy or bipolar disorder.

Along with being highly convenient because you can get therapy done in your own home, it’s a lot cheaper than regularly going to see a local therapist. Therapists often charge by the hour, and it can cost a few hundred dollars just to see someone each and every week. Unlike therapists’ costs, Talkspace only charges a few bucks a day and you’re not set to specific appointments. This means that you can contact, message or video chat with your therapist at virtually any time when and where you need it the most. Talkspace has taken the world by storm and is a great alternative to visiting a local therapist who may or may not be the right fit for you.

Nathaniel Ru Sets the Tone for Sweetgreen’s Success


There is a new wave of innovation rolling through the fast food industry and Sweetgreen co-founder Nathaniel Ru is leading the charge. Sweetgreen is one of the hottest new restaurant chains out of the northeast portion of the United States. Sweetgreen offers high-end salads that utilize locally sourced ingredients with a menu that rotates based around the season.

Sweetgreen is bringing healthy food at a great price to people who are on the go. The success of Sweetgreen thus far has been electric to watch and a big part of it is due to how Nathaniel Ru has avoided the pitfalls that are so common of other startup companies. Let’s take a look at how Nathaniel Ru and his team are creating the Sweetgreen Experience.

First of all, Sweetgreen was conceptualized by a trio of Georgetown University students which included Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman.

The three students took an entrepreneurship class together and it was there that they began to ruminate on potential business ideas that had a high ceiling for exploration. The trio looked at their own college campus and realized quickly that there were few healthy options available for students on the go.

They looked at an immediate problem and created a solution for it. The first Sweetgreen location would open up on M Street in downtown Washington D.C. Now, there are more than 40 locations around the country with much more on the way.

Nathaniel Ru would be the first to admit that his team got lucky in the early-going with a great location and grassroots support, however that isn’t why their success has been sustained. Ru cites their mission statement as a dominant reason for their continual success.

Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. We want to feed more people better food.” Ru goes on to point at companies like Under Armour and Nike as examples of companies that have embraced becoming so much more than simple businesses and this, he believes, is what Sweetgreen is angling to become.

What makes Sweetgreen particularly special is not just their great food, but also their attention to customer service. Sweetgreen feels, in many ways, like an Apple store when you first walk through the doors.

There are easy-to-access menus, clean and simple restaurant layouts, and employees eager to help you get the perfect meal for your lunch or dinner.

Ru makes sure that he and his corporate employees work at locations often enough to stay grounded and connected with customers.

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Lime Crime Cosmetics Expected To Expand To A Global Network


Lime Crime continues to be a preferred brand with a unique and has decided to launch in China. LC, global manager, Kim Walls, has played a key role in the international expansion. They’ve foreseen a few obstacles, but not any which has delayed the launch from being a success. Unfortunately, replicas of their matte based formulated were being sold on the black market. The success of their e-commerce partnership has helped their international users authentic cosmetics which continue to be safe for your skin. Their hasn’t been any report on the estimated net-worth of the international cosmetic deal with Lime Crime cosmetics.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you’ll love the touch-free formula packed inside each easy distinguishable packaging. They offer rich buttery colors with cool names as identifies like Velvet Red. You get a waterproof formula guaranteed to last and give you supreme coverage. China is well known for making many products cool and LC cosmetics was no exception. They have now got through all the red tape and considered to have a successful launch in China along with shipping options with reasonable fees. Share your story on Pinterest with other users.

Don’t expect to find their unique cosmetics everywhere. They still remain an exclusive line with purchasing options available directly on the Lime Crime website. You can also find their cosmetics at select retail Bloomingdale department stores. Join the LC cosmetic family and find your unique color blend to bring out your best features today.

The Amazing Michael Terpin


Brazilian rally driver Michael Terpin has become somewhat of a hero for his country. Loved by everyone for his tremendous accomplishments, Michael has continued to succeed over the years with no signs of slowing down. With that said, here is an excerpt on the success that Michael has had in his career so far. Beginning off, The combine of Paulistas Michel Terpins, 40, and Maykel Justo, 37, of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, finished another vital phase of the 25th release of the Sertões Rally. In the wake of winning two of the three phases of the race in Prototypes T1 they are ahead of the pack in the collected class and furthermore among the best 5 quickest in the opposition, are in fourth in general with a sum of 11:45m23s.

In the third stage, from Santa Terezinha de Goiás to Aruanã (add up to 306 km), the match were compelled to back off, because of some mechanical issues coming about because of the Marathon organize last Monday (21), when the vehicles couldn’t get mechanical help the finish of the day. The T-Rex # 322 gearbox broke and the back suspension was additionally harmed, so Michel Terpins, the present pioneer of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship, was compelled to take his foot off the quickening agent so as not to bargain the outcome. In any case, they completed fourth in Prototypes T1 and tenth in general.

“With this, all that made a difference was coming. I knew we were in the number one spot in the race, so when it began to give inconvenience, the main essential thing was to finished the stage. Yet, rest ball appear. We are going solid for the fourth day, “Terpins, who is in his tenth interest in the opposition and relies on Justo’s route for the second successive year.

Michel Terpins made his introduction on the Rally dos Sertões matrix in the bike class in 2002, at that point cruised for his sibling Rodrigo Terpins in the autos and, over the most recent four years, influenced an advancement in his steering and remained to out in vital phases of the Brazilian Cross Rally Championship Country. In the event that this by itself does not indicate how astonishing Michael Terpin is, very little else will.