The Most Stunning Swim Spots around the World That You Should Plan Your Entire Trip Around

When the weather is appropriate, the best and most exciting way to spend your time is through swimming. There is something cool and enticing about oceans or lakes; you should have every reason to plan a trip to one of the best dive sites around the world. Our best picks are from these stunning caverns, waterfalls, lagoons and lakes.


To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa


One of the most epic places in the world is Samoa. The country is awash with beautiful sites and spots for all kinds of vacations. This is a must visit place for every traveler. This is a swimming hole that is 98-foot-deep full or turquoise water that is crystal clear. A swim in this area is definitely worth the dime.


Silfra, Iceland


This magical place is a crack between two tectonic plates, where the Eurasian and North American continents converge. The glacial water is phenomenally clear, so clear that it retains visibility over 300 feet. You can snorkel or dive between two continents.


Krka National Park, Croatia


Set in Croatia, this fantastic scene is of two rivers coming together to form a stunning set of waterfalls. The emerald-green waters are perfect for swimming and live up to its reputation of having a photogenic hype. The location is at a remote national park.


The Great Blue Hole, Belize


Only experienced divers should swim in this place. It is a sinkhole, a few miles of the coast of Belize City. The site called Frommer describes this place as the “holy grail” of scuba divers.


Havasu Falls Arizona


Hidden in the Grand Canyon, about a ten-mile hike is this magical scene. The waters are crystal blue and astoundingly clear that swimming in them is incredibly refreshing to the mind, body, and spirit.



Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an activity that most people engage in for fun. However, studies have shown that numerous health benefits can be associated with this activity.


For instance, during swimming one is forced to hold their breath when underwater hence the body adapts by learning how to use oxygen more efficiently. When inhaling, a swimmer takes in more oxygen and exhales more carbon dioxide which increases tidal volume; this lowers blood pressure and reduces the heart rate.


Fitness and health often go hand in hand, the efficient use of oxygen that is as result of swimming increases the body’s endurance significantly. This makes it easier for one to engage in other forms of exercise such as running with ease, therefore, contributing to a person’s overall fitness.


When swimming, the body uses all the muscles including those that are often underworked. The energy required to engage this muscles leads to the breakdown of excess body fat which improves overall health. Muscles that are often neglected in the daily routine workout such as the traps and deltoids are engaged when swimming.


Swimming is a vigorous activity that gets the blood flowing. Studies have shown that exercises performed under water increase the blood flow to the brain compared to those conducted on land.


Swimming has been found to possess extreme stress relieving benefits. Endorphins that are induced during exercise which in this case is swimming contribute to lowering stress levels. When one is immersed underwater, senses are dulled which creates a feeling of calmness in the body hence reducing stress levels. A few laps around the pool after a long stressful day at the office will do wonders for the body.


Due to efficient cardiovascular performance, reduced cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure regular swimmers appear younger than they are.



Drowning Boy Saved by Man Who Can’t Swim

A recent police report claims that a man who had  never learned how to swim put heroism ahead of practice, leaping into the pool of a New Jersey La Quinta Inn to save a nine-year-old boy from drowning.


Officers with the Fairfield police claim that a Paterson female and her male companion were swimming in the motel’s pool with their five children, ranging in age between 1 and 9 years. None of the pool-goers had learned how to swim and the nine-year-old had gone below the water’s surface.


While the woman’s companion fled to the front desk in order to get help, Randolph Tajada-Perez, a resident of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, overheard the companion’s panicked cries and ran to save the boy. Tajada-Perez was in the middle of checking in when the companion made it to the front desk. While Tajada-Perez had just as little training in swimming as the children or the adult parties involved, he wasted no time in plunging into the pool to save the child. After several attempts, the boy was resuscitated and is currently in stable condition.


The process of drowning is divided up into four stages.The drowning process begins the moment that a person is unable to keep his head above water.

  1. The moment that the body needs to refresh its oxygen supply upon voluntarily holding one’s breath.
  2. Fluids enter the person’s airway or are swallowed.
  3. Oxygen empties the body and breathing stops.
  4. Irreversible brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation.



Why Swimming Is Great For Your Health

Every type of exercise can benefit your health. However, swimming is different from other types of aerobic exercise. Being in the water lessens the effects of gravity. That is why it is a great choice for people who suffer from osteoarthritis. Many people with this disorder find that other types of exercise are extremely painful.


Studies have shown that swimming can reduce stiffness in the arteries. This is one of the factors that increases the risk of heart problems. It can also lower blood pressure. Swimming is also a great exercise for people who are overweight or obese. Overweight people find that running is too uncomfortable or hot.


Even though swimming is a low-impact exercise, it is extremely effective. Water is dense, so it does put pressure on your joints. However, the pressure is evenly distributed. That is why swimming is much better for your joints than other types of exercise.


When you run or ride your bike, you have a tendency to breathe shallowly. However, when you swim, your breaths are deeper. Additionally, swimming helps you work all of the major muscle groups of your body. That is why swimmers typically have toned bodies.


David Tanner is the research associate at Indiana University. He has stated that people who are interested in swimming will need to start out slowly. You do not want to do too much soon. You can start off by doing three 30 minute sessions per week. Furthermore, you should relax while you are in the water.


Advice And Wisdom For Investors

Warren Buffett is wagering one million dollars for charity. He feels he can get better investment returns than a team of hedge fund manager by placing his investments in a passive index fund. The decision on the bet will be this year and it looks like Mr. Buffett will win.

There are a lot of funds that are both expensive and mediocre and end up short changing investors. Mr. Buffett builds a durable portfolio by analyzing companies and has proven his methods over decades. He has offered wisdom in his annual letter to shareholders.

Mt. Buffett cautions consumers to be careful regarding product labels. This concerns the debate over passive versus active investments. He feels passive investments are volatile, unknown and not the way to a better retirement. He says there are two filters, high manager ownership and low expenses. The key is finding the fund managers who invest with their investors. These managers have consistently done better than benchmark indexes.

Timothy Armour is currently the chairman of Capital Group. In addition he holds the position of principal executive officer and chairman for Capital Research which is a part of the Capital Group. Mr. Armour is also the chairman for the Management Committee for the Capital Group as well as a portfolio manager in equity.

Mr. Armour has been with the Capital Group for 32 years and this is where he earned all of his experience in the field of investing. He started his career working for Capital as an equity investment analyst. His responsibilities at this time included United States service companies and global telecommunications. He participated in the Associates Program when he first joined the company. Mr. Armour attended Middlebury College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics. Currently he is based out of Los Angeles, California.

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Top NBA Players of 2017


The National Basketball Association is home to a diverse set of world-class athletes. Each night players push each other to the limit, as they battle for hardwood supremacy. Which begs the question, who are the top NBA players in the league?


Steph Curry Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA and the reigning two-time MVP for the Golden State Warriors and is one of the very best three-point shooters in the league. He is the leader of the Warriors backcourt and is currently averaging 25 points per game.


Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook is producing MVP-like numbers in the absence of former teammate Kevin Durant. He is on pace to average 32 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. Westbrook is one of the very best all-around point guards in the NBA.


Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs

Kawhi Leonard is the most feared defensive player in the NBA. He has steadily improved each year and has filled the leadership void for the Spurs in place of Tim Duncan. Leonard is the reigning two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and has significantly improved his offensive game this season by averaging 26 points per game.


Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James lead the Cavaliers to their first NBA title last year, and he plans to repeat that feat in the upcoming playoffs. The 3-time NBA Champion is having another great season, as he averages 26 points per game and almost 10 assists.

Lori Senecal Makes Impressive International Business Move

CP and B recently announced that Lori Senecal will serve as the company’s new Global CEO. She will be in charge of the organization’s global expansion and growth and will manage the coordination of CP and B’s eight international locations. Senecal will also lead the company in further development.

Lori Senecal is known for her management capabilities and leadership, and has been one of the first to embrace technology and innovation on a global scale. She is also particularly skilled in terms of bringing professionals together to help them achieve a common goal. Her new position will help CP & B to continue their worldwide growth. The company recently won the Infiniti global creative account.

Senecal has shared on that she is honored to be in this new position, and is looking forward to working alongside CP and B’s Chuck Porter to further the worldwide growth of the agency. He is excited about having her on board and feels that hiring her is a solid business move for the company.

During her impressive career, Lori Senecal has developed a number of strategic partnerships, and creating new business divisions for worldwide accounts including BMW, Nestle and Coca Cola. According to Ad Week, she was previously the global head of kbs+, where she transformed the company from a 250-person agency to a 900-person firm with worldwide offices. Before kbs+, Senecal served as the president of McCann-Erickson’s Worldwide flagship office in New York, and held significant roles in account leadership, strategic planning and innovation.

CP and B Chairman Chuck Porter stated that Senecal loves and understand CP and B and shares the company’s values and passions. Porter also states that she and Senecal share many of the same professional talents, and she’ll be working with other prominent individuals in the company, including Richard Pinder, Andrew Keller and Steve Erich. Porter referred to Senecal and her colleagues as a “global A team” and is confident that this group will make CP and B an even more prominent corporation.

CP and B is a member of the MDC Partners network, and its client list includes Infiniti, Domino’s Pizza, Kraft, Applebee’s Mondelez International, Charles Schwab, Turkish Airlines and Best Buy.


Why It Is Bad To Swim While You Are Sick

Many people compete in swimming competitions during the winter months. People are also more likely to develop the cold and flu during the winter months. An intense swimming schedule can increase one’s risk of developing the cold or flu. The body produces more cortisol when it is under intense stress. This can weaken the immune system.

Chlorine is supposed to kill the germs in the pool. However, public pools often have less than the recommended amount of chlorine. This can put you at risk for developing a number of illnesses. Additionally, if you choose to swim while you are sick, then you can easily make your teammates sick.

Your body works overtime when you are sick. If you try to work out while you are sick, then you will not be able to perform at your optimal level. That is why health experts recommend that you avoid exercising if you are sick.

Keep in mind that you can still swim if you have a minor cold. However, if you have fever, chills and upset stomach, then this is not something that you want to ignore. You may have the flu.

If you are battling the flu, then it is best to take some time off from swimming so that you can properly recuperate. You may be hesitant to take a break because you are worried about how the break will impact your overall appearance. However, this will help you recover more quickly. The quicker you recover, the quicker you will be able to return to the pool.

The Many Advantages Of OSI Group & Food Solution Services

When it comes to food solutions, there are many good companies worldwide. Food solution providers “make the world go around” in a sense.

This industry will never shut down because everyone has to eat in order to survive and one of the better food solution providers is headquartered right in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group is the name and providing the very best in food solutions is the game. This company is the “real deal” because it has many years of experience, offers a wide array of services, and it produces great products that are safe. OSI is at the apex of the industry as it dominates the competition on all levels.

Food, Food, and more food. Did you know that many supermarkets, restaurants, and retailors receive their food products from the same server? That’s right! Though there are hundreds of brands that line the shelves of your favorite eateries, many of the brands come from OSI Group. With a few tweaks in the ingredients, these food can display a completely different taste that’s unique. OSI Group has a wide range of food to choose from such as cooked sausage links, meatballs, beef patties, onions, tomatoes, cookies, tofu, dough products, fish, chicken nuggets, bacon, pork products, fritters, chicken fried steak, pizza, breads, corn, lettuce, hot dogs, and on and on.

OSI Group has a huge network as well and the company handles processing, management, distribution, and development. What more can you ask for? Need something more precise then OSI can create custom pieces also. The bar is set very high and the status quo has been obliterated thanks to OSI Groups progressive movement.


The Billionaire George Soros Puts Political Donations to the Side to Focus on Refugees

George Soros is one of the wealthiest hedge fund managers on the planet. He chose his profession because he realized that money is what makes the world go around. He also knew he had personal interests that he strongly desired to be able to fulfill. His drive for financial success on allowed him to create foundations and give donations toward issues that concern him.

Over the years he has put quite a bit toward his Open Society Foundation. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is to create societies that have freedom of expression, transparency, and government that is accountable for their actions. Additionally, the Open Society Foundation fights for equality around the world. Soros has donated an estimated $12 billion to society and equality issues that concern him.

Mr. George Soros has donated a considerable amount to politicians he believes in. He generally donates to candidates who will fight for the similar causes of his Open Society Foundation. He recently donated quite a bit to the Clinton American presidential campaign, because he had faith in her fighting for equality, freedom of expression, and transparency. Clinton did not win. The candidate who did win -Donald Trump- has been vocal about his disdain for the refugee crisis and has shown considerable disdain for freedom of expression and transparency.

The Syrian refugee crisis is an issue that George Soros feels strongly about. He lived in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. His family were non-practicing Jews and they openly resisted by obtaining new identity paperwork. Some 500,000 Hungarian Jews died during the Nazi occupation. See on The Soros family left Hungary at some point and became migrants in Great Britain. George Soros knows what it is like to resist, survive war, flee from genocide, and leave your country in hope for a safer and better life. He may not know exactly what the Syrian refugees are going through, as their story is somewhat different. Their plight has still struck him as somewhat similar to his own. He has donated $500 million to the refugees in Europe. This money is intended to help them get on their feet and start businesses of their own.

The philanthropy of George Soros and others like him may be more necessary going forward. The American President Trump is focused on nationalism, silencing press he disagrees with, and incriminating refugees to dehumanize the refugee crisis in the eyes of his followers. Now more than ever Americans and other parts of the free world ought to protect their country’s transparency and equality. Reported on