Cassio Audi: A Famous Brazilian Musician


Cassio Audi is a former Brazilian artist who was in the music industry during the 1980s. He rose to fame after he became the drummer for Viper, a 1980s rock bank. He developed his skills in drumming during his childhood days, and he became one of the most famous drummers in the country because of how he managed to keep up with the beat. He auditioned to become a member of the Viper band in the 1980s, and after showing off his skills, he was immediately admitted to the group. Right after his admission to the band, Cassio Audi would be joining his band members to perform across the country, and they even experienced fame outside Brazil when one of their tracks became available in several Latin American countries. He left the group in 1989 after he felt that he should be taking up another career that would turn him into a successful individual. He recorded one last song with his bandmates before he left, and they titled the song as the “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The song became an instant hit, becoming one of their best-selling singles.

His fans all over Latin America will remember Cassio Audi’s short-lived fame. They felt lonely knowing that the musician they loved would have to leave the industry because of other priorities in life, but they also said that they would be supporting him no matter what happens. Cassio Audi left the music industry with a smile on his face, knowing that he has a lot of fans who would always support him, and his bandmates promised him that he could always lean on them whenever he had problems.

Cassio Audi’s departure from the Viper band has affected the performance and the popularity of the group. However, the last album that he recorded with his bandmates remains popular. Cassio Audi lived a private life after his departure from the musical scene, and reports are stating that he found a career in the business and financial sector. Nobody knows what Cassio Audi is doing today, but everyone is hoping that he is happy with his present job after he left the music industry.

How Cannabis Has Become Effective In Fighting Malignancies


Medical marijuana has become legalized in many countries around the world today. Most medical caretakers and doctors advise cancer patients to take medical marijuana to reduce the side effects of the cancerous condition. Chemotherapy comes with certain severe side effects but medical marijuana is effective in reducing them. Some of the palliative care benefits that come with medical marijuana include pain relief and appetite stimulation. However, a recent medical research showed that cannabinoids have more benefits than these. Today this product is used to ease cancer symptoms, but it may be used to treat it one day due to its strong antitumor effects.

Cannabinoids are of different types and with different chemical profiles and properties. In the United States, over 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses were confirmed in 2017. A recent projection indicates that cancer cases will have increased by 50 percent globally by 2030. With these alarming statistics, there is an urgent need for new effective treatment options. Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy are the popular cancer treatments today. However, their side effects such as infection, nausea, hair loss, and fatigue are quite severe.

Cancer patients with such severe side effects can now get immense relief from medical marijuana. Cannabis inhibits the growth of cancer cells and tumor cells by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and by blocking the blood vessels that influence tumor growth from developing. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and tetrahydrocannabinol are the two main chemical compounds that make cannabis effective in this. Brain, breast, and colon cancers are the most common according to a study done recently.

Swimming Pools Are The Newest Airport Lounge Bonus


If you do a lot of traveling, you already know that Airline Lounges are the greatest. They are exclusive, they are quiet and they help make those long, crowded flights just a bit easier to take. And now, some lounges are also offering customers the chance to take a quick swim during their layover.

The Dominican Republic is a favorite layover for flights originating in the U.S. It’s central location makes it a natural place to pause for international flights and that’s the primary reason it boasts more international airports per capita than anywhere else in the world. And as you might imagine, all of that competition means each airport lounge on the island is working hard to be the one with the newest amenities.

The Punta Cana International Airport has upped the ante by recently adding a new rooftop infinity pool to its luxury executive lounge. Swimmers can look at across the airport tarmac to the surrounding luxury golf courses while enjoying drinks and even full meals made poolside by a newly-hired executive chef. Everything is free to members of the club or visitors headed to one of the nearby luxury resorts. The pool has already proved to be so popular that rival airport lounges are also prepping their own swimming pools and poolside experiences. Some experts believe that within five years, swimming pools will become a fixture at airport lounges around the world.

Mental Sports Coach Encourages Failure


There is an aspect of competitive sports that is often overlooked, even in the world of swimming and it is something every athlete avoids at all costs- failure. It is purely impossible to win at everything 100% of the time. Failure actually has many positive aspects for those that choose to use failure positively.

Famous sports mental coach Will Jonathan recently shared some insight on the subject of failure in the world of sports. He has clients in a wide variety of professional sports including the Olympics, PGA, NCAA, UFC, and the Primera Liga just to name a few. His job is to help athletes prepare their mind for competition and to work through the mental challenges that come with a high level of competition.

Jonathan shared that failure is essential to success, without losing people cannot fully find their inner strength to succeed. When an athlete has an off day and places last in a race or their swimming times are the slowest they’ve ever been that is when Jonathan’s advice comes into play. He says that athletes must push themselves farther to reach their ultimate potential and when the losses come to accept them. That advice might sound foreign to most people but when it is used to find new motivation it can be the beginning of a breakthrough. Essentially, without failure, there cannot be a success.

New Talk Fusion Developed for Consumers


In the year 2007 the company Talk Fusion started up to provide marketing services for businesses and individuals. Over the years, the company has increased its sales and profits on a regular basis. Since its inception, Talk Fusion has offered one of the most popular tools in the internet marketing industry. It mainly provides videos that consumers can use to market to others. It has proven to be one of the most effective marketing options in the world. Today, the company has expanded to over 140 countries throughout the entire world. It recently introduced a new product known as a video chat application.


The new Talk Fusion app is called the Go app which comes with a number of convenient features for users. With this new product, a number of businesses can have a competitive edge over the competition. Users can take advantage of this product on either iTunes and the Google Play stores. It can also be downloaded on devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Since video email is the company’s leading product, consumers can use the Go app to more easily connect with various contacts. Anyone using this app can send video email messages from either an Apple or Android device to customers from any location worldwide.


When looking to use the app, you can send videos to anyone. You can record live or upload older videos that you wish to send. After completing a video or uploading it, users will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of templates where you can change display names and other features.


Talk Fusion is a marketing company that was founded in 2007 by former network marketing salesman Bob Reina. He started up the company to introduce a new way of marketing on the internet. Reina introduced video marketing which allowed users to send emails that contained a video message. This proved to be a highly effective tool in the marketing industry. Over the next several years, Talk Fusion would make updates and improvements on the product. Today, the company offers video chat which allows people to talk to one another via video. Therefore, Talk Fusion has been one of the leading companies in both the internet marketing and communications industries. Learn more:

Angela Lane Insists that Swimming is One of the Best Weight Loss Exercises


Given that we all have different capabilities, strengths, and physical embodiment; it is difficult to design a generic training program. Nevertheless, there are general guidelines that anyone can follow with the aim of making sure that they are on the right track. As illustrated by one Angela Lane, who has great memories of swimming when she was young, swimming is one of the most significant physical activities that can help an individual lose weight and gain shape at the same time.

Background Information

Lane had a challenging childhood as she would be teased about her weight. In fact, she recalls people telling her that she should run, walk or do something to lose the extra kilos. However, when she tried to exercise like any other person who was trying to lose weight, she developed complications in her legs and abdomen. She thence thought to herself that it was wise to resort to swimming because she was a swimmer from a relatively tender age.

Benefits of Swimming

Lane is now thirty-one years old, but two years ago, she weighed about 200 pounds of which she hadn’t in over ten years. That was abnormal; although she had not been to a swimming pool for decades. Recalling how she took to the pool immediately, and since then, her life has taken a new direction. For those who aspire to travel down the same road, it is important to note that Lane first began with a lap. The lap turned into five and then a coupled of countless laps therein.

The Observation

From Lane’s story, it is right to deduce that swimming remains to be one of the best and viable forms of cardiovascular exercise that we can engage in. Of course, it is among the exercises that fully utilize all muscle groups by alongside stimulating our heart rate.

Brock Turner – Future Past


Brock Turner, former Stanford champion swimmer, has had a troublesome past, leading up to his future. Turner was arrested and convicted for fondling an unconscious woman on campus. Two witnesses were able to subdue and hold Turner until the campus police arrived to arrest him. The case went on for a little over a year before Brock Turner was actually sentenced.

Brock Turner’s highly publicized case has changed views and the legal systems ideology of rape. One reason for the legal system changes was due to how Turner sexually assaulted the young woman. Turner used his fingers while laying atop of the victim to penetrate her. This was never considered in the legal system before until now. In addition, the victim’s outpour from her letters to the court was read by millions and instrumental in Turner’s conviction.

Turner, once highly recognized and sought after for his swimming talent, is now banned from participating in any USA swimming competitions for life. This includes any efforts he may have had for the US Olympic Trials. In addition to his life time abandonment of swimming competitions, Brock Turner must now be listed as a sexual offender in the U.S. sex offender registry for life. Lastly Brock Turner is also banned from ever entering the campus grounds at Stanford. The banning of Turner by Stanford is the most highest punishment dished out from the educational institution.

Know Why That Black Hair Would Turn Gray


You must have seen someone with grey hair or it could be on your head already. The big question may not be about when the hair turned gray but how it turns gray. Your immune system may play a big role in turning your hair gray especially when you are sick or stressed. Melanocytes are cells that determine the color of your hair, and the quantity of melanin in your body. Some special stem cells add to the new follicles some more melanocytes. If the stem cells stop functioning, the pigment of the hair is lost. Some scientists from the Alabama University and National Institutes of Health are still investigating how the immune system and gray hair process relate.

The immune system defends people against bacteria and viruses influencing the attacked cells to produce interferons. These are signaling molecules that communicate with the other cells responsible for gene expression. This leads to the production of the immune effector cells that offer the body protection. It also hinders the viruses from replicating. Scientists have found that the response of your immune system during the attack affects a protein called MITF, which enables the melanocytes to function.

These scientists found out that the MITF protein could lose control of how the melanocytes stem cells respond. This is what causes the hair to turn gray. More research is being done on pigmentation, and the diseases that cause it. Conditions such as vitiligo destroy the skin’s pigment cells. Different conditions determine how the genes change their expression in the genome. Some of these genetic changes come unexpectedly affecting the color of the hair.

Two Moms Provide a Funny Perspective on Swimsuits and Their Body


Viral Videos are a normal part of our culture and everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing. Back in 2017 the funny women from #IMomSoHard released a video that poked fun at swimsuits and their middle-aged bodies. The women are named Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley. These two have been making videos for a few years. Their I Swimsuit Season So Hard video was a huge success on the internet. According to the Huffington Post, the video amassed 19 million views.

The two women first debuted their web video about motherhood back in 2016. Since that time, it has exploded as a great web series that people love to watch. The two ladies make lots of videos about being moms and wives. Their humor is upbeat, funny and very real. They discuss subjects that are common to most housewives and mothers. The duo knows how to make people laugh at the normal and mundane stuff in life.

The #IMomSoHard series has been such a huge hit online that CBS has now decided to turn it into a comedy show. They will place Hensley and Sedley in their normal roles and it will also star Freddie Prince Jr. The I Swimsuit Season So Hard was 2017’s best video and people really loved the honesty that the women portrayed to viewers. Be on the lookout for the #IMomSoHard series on CBS.

Luxury Swimming


With summertime just around the corner, people all over the world are preparing their bodies, schedules, and money to have as much fun as they can once they get the chance. As we all know, there are many things to do once summer arrives but, one recreational activity that everyone has fun doing is swimming. No matter where in the world anyone is, swimming is a must do activity in the summer. Having said that, more and more luxury vacation spots are taking advantage of this fact to their overall success. It is amazing to see how much creativity these spots have gotten with implementing luxury swimming as a way to pass the time. Here is more on this new luxury swimming recreational activity.

Luxury Swimming in Airport Lounge
As we have stated before, the level of creativity in luxury swimming is amazing, to say the least. In an article on this new craze and its wild creativity, we get to see how wild luxury swimming really has become. Out of the many ideas, this articles explains how luxury swimming has even gone as far as to be included in an airport lounge. As amazing as that sounds, the article also discusses how these type of swimming resorts and lounges continues to increase. In fact, statistics will show that there are no plans of this craze slowing down anytime soon. needless to say, we really love swimming and will do whatever we can to enjoy it as much as we can.