Why It Is Bad To Swim While You Are Sick

Many people compete in swimming competitions during the winter months. People are also more likely to develop the cold and flu during the winter months. An intense swimming schedule can increase one’s risk of developing the cold or flu. The body produces more cortisol when it is under intense stress. This can weaken the immune system.

Chlorine is supposed to kill the germs in the pool. However, public pools often have less than the recommended amount of chlorine. This can put you at risk for developing a number of illnesses. Additionally, if you choose to swim while you are sick, then you can easily make your teammates sick.

Your body works overtime when you are sick. If you try to work out while you are sick, then you will not be able to perform at your optimal level. That is why health experts recommend that you avoid exercising if you are sick.

Keep in mind that you can still swim if you have a minor cold. However, if you have fever, chills and upset stomach, then this is not something that you want to ignore. You may have the flu.

If you are battling the flu, then it is best to take some time off from swimming so that you can properly recuperate. You may be hesitant to take a break because you are worried about how the break will impact your overall appearance. However, this will help you recover more quickly. The quicker you recover, the quicker you will be able to return to the pool.

The Many Advantages Of OSI Group & Food Solution Services

When it comes to food solutions, there are many good companies worldwide. Food solution providers “make the world go around” in a sense.

This industry will never shut down because everyone has to eat in order to survive and one of the better food solution providers is headquartered right in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group is the name and providing the very best in food solutions is the game. This company is the “real deal” because it has many years of experience, offers a wide array of services, and it produces great products that are safe. OSI is at the apex of the industry as it dominates the competition on all levels.

Food, Food, and more food. Did you know that many supermarkets, restaurants, and retailors receive their food products from the same server? That’s right! Though there are hundreds of brands that line the shelves of your favorite eateries, many of the brands come from OSI Group. With a few tweaks in the ingredients, these food can display a completely different taste that’s unique. OSI Group has a wide range of food to choose from such as cooked sausage links, meatballs, beef patties, onions, tomatoes, cookies, tofu, dough products, fish, chicken nuggets, bacon, pork products, fritters, chicken fried steak, pizza, breads, corn, lettuce, hot dogs, and on and on.

OSI Group has a huge network as well and the company handles processing, management, distribution, and development. What more can you ask for? Need something more precise then OSI can create custom pieces also. The bar is set very high and the status quo has been obliterated thanks to OSI Groups progressive movement.

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The Billionaire George Soros Puts Political Donations to the Side to Focus on Refugees

George Soros is one of the wealthiest hedge fund managers on the planet. He chose his profession because he realized that money is what makes the world go around. He also knew he had personal interests that he strongly desired to be able to fulfill. His drive for financial success on opensocietyfoundations.org allowed him to create foundations and give donations toward issues that concern him.

Over the years he has put quite a bit toward his Open Society Foundation. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is to create societies that have freedom of expression, transparency, and government that is accountable for their actions. Additionally, the Open Society Foundation fights for equality around the world. Soros has donated an estimated $12 billion to society and equality issues that concern him.

Mr. George Soros has donated a considerable amount to politicians he believes in. He generally donates to candidates who will fight for the similar causes of his Open Society Foundation. He recently donated quite a bit to the Clinton American presidential campaign, because he had faith in her fighting for equality, freedom of expression, and transparency. Clinton did not win. The candidate who did win -Donald Trump- has been vocal about his disdain for the refugee crisis and has shown considerable disdain for freedom of expression and transparency.

The Syrian refugee crisis is an issue that George Soros feels strongly about. He lived in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. His family were non-practicing Jews and they openly resisted by obtaining new identity paperwork. Some 500,000 Hungarian Jews died during the Nazi occupation. See on discoverthenetworks.org. The Soros family left Hungary at some point and became migrants in Great Britain. George Soros knows what it is like to resist, survive war, flee from genocide, and leave your country in hope for a safer and better life. He may not know exactly what the Syrian refugees are going through, as their story is somewhat different. Their plight has still struck him as somewhat similar to his own. He has donated $500 million to the refugees in Europe. This money is intended to help them get on their feet and start businesses of their own.

The philanthropy of George Soros and others like him may be more necessary going forward. The American President Trump is focused on nationalism, silencing press he disagrees with, and incriminating refugees to dehumanize the refugee crisis in the eyes of his followers. Now more than ever Americans and other parts of the free world ought to protect their country’s transparency and equality. Reported on project-syndicate.org.

US Swimmer Wins at Ontario Event

While most people only focus on international swimming during the Olympics, the sport of international swimming is actually a year round sport that has many significant competitions each year. According to a recent news article (http://mynewsla.com/orange-county/2016/12/10/american-record-for-olympic-swimmer-huntington-beachs-tom-shields/) a popular swimmer from United States continued his success at a world championship race in Ontario.

This past week, at the FINA World Swimming Championship in Ontario, US swimmer Tom Shields won a gold medal in the 50 meter butterfly while also breaking a US swimming record. Shield earned his personal best time of 22.38 seconds in the race, which boasted several of the top swimmers in the world. Shields also won a silver medal in a freestyle race in which he swim the last leg. In this race, he took over when the US team was in fifth place but was able to bring them all the way back to second.

This is not the first time that Shields has had significant success at an international event. He has won multiple gold medals in the Olympics as a member of various relay teams. Shields also figures to be a future major contributor in the next Olympics after the retirement of Michael Phelps. He is already considered one of the top competitors in the world in the butterfly race and will use that strength and various relays and upcoming events. He will also work to position himself to win medals in individual races as well.

End Citizens United’s Mission To Change The Campaign Finance System

End Citizens United was launched in 2015. Grassroots donors support this Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is committed to countering the catastrophic effects of Citizens United. It is also dedicated to reforming the campaign finance system. Following the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 in the case of Citizens United vs F.E.C., the American elections landscape was completely changed. This is because it created a basis for the notion that corporations are people. Moreover, it opened doors for special interests and billionaires to spend unlimited and untraceable money in elections on opensecrets.org. For this reason, there has not been transparency and accountability in funding of elections.

End Citizens United intends to show elected officials, voters, the press, and candidates that the grassroots are retaliating with force. They are against the increasing hardheartedness of billionaires attempting to buy elections. This move will be important in creating a wide coalition that will work towards campaign reform. It will also press lawmakers to take action. End Citizens United’s mission is to advocate for clean money in politics and discard the rigged political system. This objective will be realized by electing champions of campaign finance reform and passing state ballot actions.

The PAC set out to be a big player in 2016. Among its plans was channeling millions of dollars to Democratic candidates across the country, particularly those running in the competitive House and Senate races on Facebook. Its ultimate objective is to pass a constitutional amendment in order to reverse the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court. While there are other PACs focusing on campaign finance reform, End Citizens United is different. According to Richard Carbo, who serves as the PAC’s communications director, what distinguishes End Citizens United is its way of addressing the political question on having people elected. The elected leaders are the ones in a position to change the current laws. This means that they should support candidates that back campaign finance reform. The candidates support came in the form of direct mailers, television ads, and polling.

End Citizens United’s push of passing a constitutional amendment was met with skepticism by a number of financial experts. For a constitutional amendment to take place, two thirds of the House and the Senate must consent. Additionally, it has to be approved by three-fourths of states. Sunlight Foundation’s policy director, John Wonderlich noted that it is a high bar for a constitutional amendment. Rick Hasen, a professor of political science and law at UC-Irvine School of Law argued that organizations such as End Citizens United serve a crucial role. They keep political pressure on the Supreme Court and other political actors. The entity continues with its process of making the public aware of the decision made by the Supreme Court. Carbo noted $30 million could influence a House race in a major way. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC

Swimming and Social Integration in Switzerland

Should Swiss Muslim girls be forced to swim with boys? Muslim integration has been an ongoing issue in Europe for the past several years. In 2009, a woman in France was banned from swimming in a public pool in a burkini, and in 2013, a German judge ruled that a 13-year old girl must attend mixed gender swimming lessons. The latest debate occurred in Switzerland.


The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Switzerland was justified in “enforcing the full school curriculum” when two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, refused to send their daughters to mandatory swimming lessons in the Swiss town of Basel. The parents insisted that forcing the girls, ages seven and nine, to go to swimming lessons with boys was a violation of article nine of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


The European Court of Human Rights, however, said a full Swiss education is part of successful social integration, and that laws are intact to prevent students from any type of social exclusion. Exemptions from lessons are rare. The parents were fined 1,400 Swiss francs for not sending the girls to swimming lessons.


Muslim social integration is a controversial issue in Europe. Politicians continue to debate the effects of multiculturalism, secular tradition, female equality, cultural assimilation and social integration. Is forcing Swiss Muslim girls to swim with boys a violation of religious freedom or an attempt at social integration? It depends which end of the pool your on.


3 Reasons Thor Halvorssen Continues To Fight For Freedom

He Understands What Dictators Can Do

Halvorssen has seen for himself how dictators can affect people on a personal level. In 2004, Venezuela called a referendum to review the election results that gave Hugo Chavez political office yet again. During a protest of the referendum Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, was shot by supporters of Chavez. The shooters were arrested but they were never convicted of any crime. This personal injustice has a played a big role in the life of Thor Halvorssen and defined him.

He Knows Why Open Societies Succeed

An open society is a society in which each member is able to decide for themselves how they want their lives to unfold. If you want to spend your life pursuing an education and choose a higher position in life you are free to do that, but the choice is always yours. This isn’t true in many oppressed societies in which one’s position in life is already predetermined and locked by birth. Open societies produce better results than closed societies. He understands this and we wants to create a world where everyone is able to reach their full potential.

He Wants To Free His Homeland For Good

His birth country Venezuela is currently facing considerable troubles under the dictatorship it lives under. Political prisoners, including some of his family members, are held without any chance of freedom for speaking out against the government. He has managed to escape this fate by living in America, but Halvorssen wants to stop this once and for all. The work he does at the Human Rights Foundation is one key step in stopping this suffering and bringing Venezuela into a new chapter. He isn’t going to stop until the country he knows best is finally unshackled from oppression.

David Wilkie Swims Too Fast at Age 62

If you have ever exercised at a community pool, you have probably witnessed some breaches of etiquette. It is unlikely, though, that you have seen a senior citizen receive a warning for swimming to fast. That is exactly what happened in the United Kingdom recently, though.

According to the BBC, Olympic gold medalist David Wilkie, age 62, was warned by a swimming pool lifeguard that he was swimming too fast. The Bracknell lifeguard said that he believed it was poor etiquette for Wilkie to swim at an excessive speed. Wilkie responded that he was just trying to do his best, as any swimmer would.

It is amusing to picture a 62-year-old retired swimmer jetting through the water at the local YMCA. There must, however, be hundreds of former Olympic athletes swimming laps at community pools.

One of the great things about swimming is that it is a lifelong sport. Unlike some other athletes (e.g., football, baseball, and basketball players), champion swimmers can keep swimming for the rest of their lives. Although they might not stay in true Olympic form for long, they will probably tend to be exceptionally fast for their age throughout their lives.

Is swimming too fast a serious problem at public pools? It is true that swimmers must accommodate each other’s relative speeds when they are sharing a lane, and perhaps that was the very circumstance in the Wilkie story. If you see a 62-year-old speeding through the pool, though, consider just letting him go.


Troy McQuagge awarded the Gold medal at the planet business professional awards

Last week, the one planet awards were held and among the people who got the best awards was troy Mcquagge, who received the award of the CEO of the year. The awards were created to honor the organizations that are doing well in the different industries from around the globe and the leaders of the organizations. The awards are given to both the public and private, profit and non-profit organizations.

Troy is the CEO of the US Health Group, a position that he has held for the past seven years. When he was appointed to the position, the company was having a hard time making their ends meet. The first thing that he did was putting in place measures that helped in building a redistribution agency for the company, which effectively eliminated the chaos at the company. The success of the step is what led to his appointment as group president in 2014. Since he took up the leadership position, the company has been growing through leaps and bounds to their current success.

He was asked to comment about the prestigious award that he had received and he stated that it was enough evidence that the company was working towards meeting their goals. He stated that the manner in which they had created their products assured them of growth and also improved the products and made changes as per the needs of the customers. Other business categories that received awards include business executives, teams and new products and innovative services.

About Troy McQuagge

Timothy is the CEO of the US Health Group. He has been engaged in the managed healthcare services sector for the past three decades and this has given him the expertise and hands on experience needed to make the right decisions for his company. For the years that he has led the company, a lot of growth has been achieved. The profitability of the company has risen. The main goal of the company has been the provision of insurance products that cater to the needs of their customers and they have achieved this objective very well.

Karl Heideck: A Top Philadelphia Litigator

Top litigation attorney Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a top litigation attorney based in Pennsylvania

Litigation is a profession that requires a lot of work and seriousness. It calls for one to possess strong negotiation and research skills. It also requires that you have true understanding of the various terminologies used in the field of law. It is true that litigation is tasking but it is also rewarding in equal measure. Litigation is a term that most people are not familiar with. Mention the name litigation and everybody will turn to google. For those not in legal careers, lawyers are just that. But in the real sense, there are various types of attorneys, one of them being litigators.

A litigator, like Karl Heideck, is a type of attorney who is involved in the representation of either the plaintiff or defendant during a criminal, civil or corporate lawsuit. A litigator normally takes up a case from its infancy to the trial stage. When a litigator takes up your case, they will do some fact-finding and drafting of evidence. These facts will be used in the appeal stage which is again overseen by the litigators.

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After the appeal stage, the discovery stage follows. Discovery is one of the most litigious processes that litigators have to oversee. It is also one of the most expensive stages. It involves a series of interviews and filling of questionnaires which are instrumental in information exchange between the plaintiff and defendant parties. The discovery stage unfolds info that is used in pre-trial. It is hoped that things will be sorted out during this stage. Should there be need, litigators take their clients through the trial stage.

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Legal career of Karl Heideck
A glimpse into the legal career of Karl Heideck

The description above is the work life of Karl Heideck, one of Philadelphia’s most popular litigators. He currently works for Grant & Eisenhofer where he is the contract attorney. He has been working for this company ever since he left Pepper Hamilton in the year 2015. At Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck was the project attorney. He had been appointed to this position after the recognition of his abilities and the experience that he had gained from Conrad O’Brien.

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