Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

According to many research carried out and the extensive meta-analysis did it has proven that listening to music can enhance mental health. Furthermore, changes occurring around us daily in our lives would be a reflection brought about by songs. Talkspace has recently released a “spring sounds” playlist that is aimed at outing one’s mood in the transition from seasons-from winter to spring. Targeting the mental health of the listener the “spring sounds” playlist would evoke a chill feeling to the season full of activity. Most people would not seek help when faced with issues affecting their mental health. A significant number of people would have the opinion that they would be perceived as weak if they admitted they needed help when their psychological health is disturbed. Acknowledging that one needs help and making an effort to ask for it is a vital step one has to take. However as easy as it may sound one admitting that they have an illness affecting them mentally due to a lot of stigma surrounding the whole idea. People experience the feeling of inadequacy which might hinder them from accepting something is wrong. Finding a professional and licensed mental therapist on Talkspace is an easy and affordable process. One has to install the app on their phone and sign up for only $25 per week. After signing up, few background details about the patient are collected including what be considered when picking their therapist of choice. The Talkspace team then matches the patient with the best fit therapist. The patient and the therapist would then be introduced and meet on the app and sessions take place mostly through texting. Although some people prefer physical meetups, but for some text therapy sessions would cut it. Talkspace has enabled thousands of people to access mental therapists in a fast and simple way.

Innovative Hydrotherapy Center for Dogs

It’s well-known that swimming is a great exercise for people with arthritis or who are undergoing rehabilitation. Swimming is a lower-impact exercise than jogging, bicycling or other exercise activities, making it ideal for fitness and weight loss for patients who might otherwise struggle. In fact, there’s a whole school of treatment built around water known as hydrotherapy.

Water rehabilitation centers aren’t just for people anymore. Hydrotherapy centers designed exclusively for canines are starting to open across the country. One such place is the K9 Aquatic Center in Potomac, Maryland. Situated neatly in a suburban strip mall, the Center welcomes dogs of all walks of life. While many of the dogs that arrive are arthritic or working through rehabilitation, others are simply puppies with more energy than their masters can handle.

Hydrotherapy is a relatively recent innovation in veterinary care, but it’s growing rapidly. It can help dogs that have been injured or ravaged by illness to rebuild muscle strength, and it can also help elderly dogs lose weight through low-impact exercise.

For a canine swimming center to be medically accredited, a licensed veterinarian is required to be onsite. Because of this the K9 Aquatic Center is not, strictly speaking, a hydrotherapy center, and roughly half of their clients come for recreation rather than health reasons – dogs love to swim after all. But they do employ certified dog handlers, and local veterinarians often prescribe a visit to the Center for their patients.

Mecklenburg County Changing Pool Regulations

Commissioners in Mecklenburg County have made changes to the public pool regulations. Residents in Charlotte have been complaining about the public pools for quite some time. Last year, 350 public pools in the county opened without getting an inspection.

The Mecklenburg County Health Director stated that every pool will be inspected before it opens. Lisa Corbett is a county official. She stated that there have been staff assigned to every pool. There are 1,400 public pools in Mecklenburg County and 43 inspectors.

There is a website that will tell you whether a public pool has been inspected. You can visit and go to the Review Public Pools section. After that, you will need to type in the pool address.

Vilma Leak is the District 2 Commissioner. She stated that it was important for the public to hear about the changes to the public pool regulations. Many people take their children to the public pool in the summer, and people want to know if the pool is safe.

Mecklenburg County is not the only place that is having issues with public pools. It is estimated that 12 percent of public pools have to be shut down each year due to sanitation issues. Many of the public health violations occur in water play areas and wading pools.

Public pools are also blamed for 15 to 20 disease outbreaks including diarrhea and the stomach flu. It is also important to note that a pool is not necessarily clean just because it has chlorine.

Indian River Continues to Dominate NJCAA:

It is hard to find any team at any level of college athletics as dominant as the Indian River State College Swim and Dive Team. The men’s squad just picked up its 44th consecutive NJCAA National Championship. Not to be outdone, the women’s team also continued their mind-boggling streak of national titles with their 36th in a row.

The streaks for both teams from the Port St. Lucie based school never seemed to be in doubt. The Pioneers and Lady Pioneers ran away with their latest national titles. The men racked up 1,245 points, with South Georgia State a distant second at 561.5 points and Monroe College third with 450 points. The Indian River Women won with a grand total of 1,181 points. South Georgia placed a distant second at 591 points, with Iowa Central third with 379 points. Your text to link…

Indian River capped off the fourth and final night of the NJCAA nationals at Fort Pierce, Florida with a slew of first place finishes. The Lady Pioneers took the top five spots in the 100 free, with Camryn Wheals finishing in first place. The Pioneers also took the first three places in the men’s 100 free, with Ryen Van Wyk the national champion. The men had the top four places in the 200 back, with Luka Tomic taking first place. Sule Van Der Merwe won the 200 back on the women’s side.

Highland Capital Management Looks To South Korea For Future Healthcare Investments in Asia for Clients

Highland Capital Management, L.P., which is located in Dallas, Texas, is a multi-billion dollar alternative investment management firm. In 2017, its affiliate, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., invested in a healthcare-focused private equity fund. This private equity fund consisted of $147 million in total financial obligations. Read this article at

Investors in Asia are noted to have very focused needs when it comes to investing in healthcare funds, like the Highland Fund and NPS Korea. In Asia, Highland Capital will work with a Korean private equity and venture capital firm, Stonebridge Capital. The role of Stonebridge Capital will be to co-manage the Highland Fund.

For Highland Capital Management, this is their first investment in Asia concerning healthcare-related private-equity funds. While most of the investments, until recently, were a direct-basis or by way of multi-purpose equity funds, investors in Asia have exhibited an increased attention concerning the healthcare sector. And this keen focus on healthcare-related funds as an investment has only been relevant in the last two years. Visit to know more.

Matt Jameson, who is the managing director of equity at Highland, stated that the healthcare industry in the United States is encountering a battery of disruptive factors that acutely affect firms in the middle market. Jameson also quips that with an aging (graying) American demographic, along with an accelerating access to healthcare services in Asia, there is a ramping up of some utilization levels. There are also more complicated consumer and government demands in the health-care sector, according to Jameson. Mr.Jameson also quipped that these key factors concerning health-care futures, combined with the evolution to value-based reimbursement types, produce key opportunities for new and future investors.

Michael Gregory, who has had success with his energy-stock picks, boosted the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund by almost tripling the return of the S&P 500 Index in 2016. In terms of future strategies and making investments in the healthcare sector, Gregory noted in 2017, that heathcare funds, which were once disfavored, face the possibility of a very strong rebound. Michael Gregory is currently the Managing Director and the Head of Healthcare Credit. And this also includes Healthcare (Long/Short) Equity investment strategies at Highland Capital Management. Mr. Gregory had prior financial experience working as a Partner at Sands Point Capital Management LLC.

Founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, Highland Capital includes separate accounts, distressed and special private equities, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Highland also handles mutual funds, ETFs, and a client base, which includes public pension plans, foundations, corporations, endowments, government, and high-net worth clients. Highland Capital Management has offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore, and Seoul.


5-Year-Old Boy Drowns In Pool

A 5-year-old boy recently drowned at his grandmother’s house. The boy was visiting his grandmother. She started looking for him when she realized that he was no longer in the house. The grandmother called his mother. The mother arrived a short time later and discovered that the boy was floating in the pool.

The boy’s father pulled him out the water and started doing CPR. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after and continued CPR. The boy was taken to the hospital, and he was pronounced dead. Randy Smith, who is the sheriff of Conington, recently a statement saying that it was an extremely sad and tragic event.

He sent out his condolences and prayers to the family of the child. He also stated that parents have to be extra cautious as the weather gets warmer. It is important to watch children closely when they are around water. Installing barriers and fences around the pool is one of the things that parents can do to keep their children safe.

Drowning is the third-leading cause of death from unintentional injury in the United States. It accounts for seven percent of the deaths in the world. Children and males are more likely to drown than any other groups. Children who are between the ages of 5 and 9 have the second-highest drowning rate. Eighty percent of drowning victims are males.

Barbara Stokes: A Talented, Experienced, Effective CEO And Caring Individual

When it comes to disaster relief construction, Huntsville, Alabama native Barbara Stokes is an expert. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in physics and biomedical engineering. She also studied thermodynamics, technical communications, structures and properties of materials and manufacturing and management. Stokes then spent several years working with the electronics research and development firm Pisces Corporation and aircraft manufacturing company Boeing. That made her perfectly prepared to become CEO of Green Structures Homes Delivered.

Green Structures Homes Delivered is an industry leader in the design and construction of ultramodern modular steel and wood frame homes and mobile residential structures used on construction sites. They work with the private sector, FEMA and local, state and federal government on projects and during disaster relief efforts. Barbara Stokes has a great deal of experience with government contracts, so she has been a real asset to the company. The company’s use of proprietary high-tech design, engineering, manufacturing and construction technique makes their services in high demand. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, Barbara Stokes and the Green Structures Homes Delivered team sprang into action. They were able to quickly provide housing for many of the people who were displaced when the hurricane ravaged their homes. Under Barbara Stokes’ guidance, the Green Structures Homes Delivered team were able to quickly and efficiently handle the process of providing reliable shelters. FEMA was so impressed with their work they gave the company a $28.5 million contract to provide emergency housing nationwide. Barbara Stokes and her staff immediately hired additional workers in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

With her solid background in physics, engineering, materials structures and properties as well as construction, Barbara Stokes helps to ensure the homes the company produces meets and exceeds safety standards for structural integrity and comes equipped with fire suppression systems that deploy automatically. The homes are also of the highest quality and offer great value. Since taking over as CEO, Barbara Stokes has developed a reputation for being highly efficient and played a central role in leading Green Structure Homes Delivered to even greater success. Follow Barbara Stokes on

A very involved mother of three, Barbara Stokes also is an energetic volunteer who is always willing to lend her time, talents, training and experience to help people and organizations in the Huntsville community. In addition to her volunteer activities, Barbara Stokes has published a well-researched, in-depth paper about the earthquakes that have hit middle Georgia. Plus, she is the founder of the Biomedical Engineering Club and currently serves as its president.

Barbara Stokes is a caring individual who is committed to improving the quality of life for her family, her staff, her community and the countless clients that she serves.


Charlotte Bonnet’s Great Day In Milan:

The Italian contingent at the Trofeo Citta di Milano shined on their home turf, having several top three finishes. But many non-Italians also put in top notch performances in Milan. Most notable was Charlotte Bonnet, who brought home two gold medals for France.

The 23-year-old owned the women’s 200 freestyle, coming in at under two minutes to snag a first place finish. Bonnet’s winning time was 1:56.61. It was also her fastest time this year, a second less than her performance at February’s Golden Tour Nice. She now holds the seventh fastest time in the world in the women’s 200 free. Your text to link…

Bonnet, however, was not done at Milan. She also competed in the 50 free, taking first with a time of 25.26. That race proved a close affair as Bonnet just beat out two Italians, Erika Ferraioli, who logged a time of 25.64, and Nicoletta Ruberti, who claimed third with a time of 25.77.

Bonnet’s winning time was not her best of the season. She notched a 25.01 finish at the Nice competition.

Bonnet is a two-time Olympian. She competed in the 2012 London games at the age of 17, winning a bronze medal with the 800 free relay team. Bonnet then swam in the 2016 games in Rio, where she had an 8th place finish in the 200 free.


Moseley Road used to be known for its luxurious swimming baths which were unprecedentedly closed down a few years ago.

Swimming lovers are however having something to smile about after the city council of Birmingham granted the Moseley Road Baths Charitable Incorporated Organization a license to run the facility and manage it henceforth.

The decision was highly welcome by members of the council who also promised to go to great lengths to ensure that the facility is well repaired before it is reopened again for use. The restoration process, though anticipated to take some time, would ensure that the facility is adorable enough to draw the attention and interest of swimmers from all across the neighborhood and the world at large. The restoration works are estimated to incur costs amounting to £200,000.

According to an analysis by the BBC on, the Mosley Road swimming pools have a rich history, one that deserves extra attention and preservation.

They are the only existing swimming pools enlisted at the Grade II category and which trace their history back to the 1880’s during which public baths were constructed. The few remaining pools have been subject to neglect and have not attracted any interest whatsoever as far as rehabilitation is concerned The fact that these facilities are being renovated for use for charitable purposes implies a major revamp of historic sites in Birmingham.

However, as renovations are bound to start, safety would the utmost priority as the pools have been closed down before on grounds of safety concerns.

The Life And Career Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco At Banco Bradesco

Industrial development has a significant impact on a country’s economic growth. Arguably among the leading crucial sectors that contribute to the health of any country’s economy is the industry of banking. Consequently, most countries in the world encourage competitiveness in the banking industry. Brazil is a perfect example of one such state. Interestingly, it has one of the world’s largest economies. Coupled with a healthy banking sector, Brazil has always enjoyed the better impact of economic growth in business. For decades now, one leading bank that has tremendously transitioned the industry is Banco Bradesco.

Background Check

Late last year (2017), Banco Bradesco announced the resignation of the longest-serving chairman, Mr. Brandao de Mello. At the age of 91, he had served the bank for about 25 years. While his service was appreciated, he voluntarily stepped down to pave the way for a youthful leader. Consequently, the management decided to appoint one Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the then serving chief executive officer. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco had served at Banco Bradesco for some time, he was trusted to hold the two executive positions until the organization was ready to appoint a new president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Achievements

Well, just recently, Banco Bradesco announced its new president; Mr. Octavia Lazari who will be taking up from Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This is a clear indication that there will be some consequential changes at the bank. However, it does not mean that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s input will not be required as he has been a huge contributor to Bradesco’s development. Here are a few facts about the contribution of Luiz Carlos Trabuco to Banco Bradesco’s growth.

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Career History

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was first employed as a clerk at Bradesco’s Marilia branch immediately he graduated from the University of Sao Paulo. Being a visionary, he was often promoted to work in different executive positions. Some of these positions include the department of directorship, senior manager, and marketing director. At the same time, he landed different senior roles in various affiliates of Bank Seguros.

Leadership at Bradesco

At no point did Luiz Carlos Trabuco think that he would be trusted with the senior most position of the organization according to However, with many years of hard work and resilience, he managed to grow the bank’s revenue by attracting and maintaining a huge client base. It was at that moment that the management thought it was wise to honor him with the presidency of the firm.

Additional Information

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had proven to the board of directors that he was worth the position. Therefore, he took over the firm’s sensitive position and streamlined the operations to fit into the goals and objectives of the firm. All too often, he proved that he was in line with the vision of the firm – to create a customer based platform. This meant that Bradesco’s clients would always come first.

Education Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended Fundacao Escola de Sociologia E Policia for a master’s degree. Perhaps he garnered his excellent leadership skills from the institution. While there is little that has been documented about his education background, it is clear that he studied philosophy. This is a clear indication that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is equipped with people skills. It could also explain why he has been successful at dealing with his employees. From the look of things, he might have to step down from his current position given that there is a new president. However, this does not render his services to the bank dormant. Luiz Carlos Trabuco maintains a legacy he created by working hard to build Brazil’s economy.


Mr. Trabuco made sure that Banco Bradesco’s communication portfolio was modernized to create an excellent relationship between the financial industry and the bank. This strategy earned Bradesco international recognition from different parts of the country.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: