Sheldon Lavi, CEO and Chairman OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a high achiever in meat processing industry. His gradual success at Otto and Sons now OSI Group is incredible. Mr. Lavin’s journey with this giant food processing company started in 1970 when he joined the company as a partner. Otto and Sons have grown from a domestic food processing company to an international food supplier under the leadership of Mr. Lavin. Sheldon Lavin joined the OSI entirely in the late 1970s when he was requested by McDonald to do so. OSI Group is an international company but incorporates LLC which is in the U.S.

OSI group multiplied in North America and some parts of Europe in the 1970s and later to South America in 1980s. The company then expanded to China, Philippines, Australia, India, South Africa, and Japan; this was a significant boost to already its vibrant presence in Europe and America. By this time Lavin had already received half ownership of the company following the selling of shares by the original owners. OSI Group has over 60 outlets spread in 60 countries all over the world. Sheldon Lavin considers this a great achievement because his culture in work, leadership, and mentorship can now be felt across the globe.

Sheldon Lavin has received several recognitions and awards because of his effort to grow the OSI Group to be an international food processing company. India’s Vision Award Academy on February 2016 presented him with a Global Visionary Award in recognition of his effort to create jobs all over the world. Also, the company has received other awards for environmental and sustainability. He said that the awards were humbling bearing in mind that he has spent his life working to ensure that the OSI Group grow to be where it has reached. For details awards, visit here.

Sheldon Lavin is currently 81 years old and has not slowed his momentum in running the OSI Group. He is presently eying the European and Asian market. Sheldon Lavin is also in several charitable organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities, United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, and many other local charities. He is also a trustee and board member of several organizations. Lavin believes in giving back to the community and raising leaders for the next generation. Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s achievement can be accredited to his wife and three children.

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Bill Pait and Bob Pait Complete A Dangerous Swim

Bill Pait and Bob Pait recently swam across Alcatraz Island. There used to be a federal penitentiary located on the island. Many people have died trying to swim across the island. Thirty-six people attempted to escape from the penitentiary. Twenty-three of the people were captured. Six people were shot. Two people drowned, and five people are still missing.

However, Bill and Bob managed to survive the swim. They swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco. Bill is a law school professor. Bob is an attorney who practices in San Antonio, Texas. They completed what is known as the “Swim With The Centurions.”

Bill stated that Alcatraz Island is a dangerous place to swim. There are strong currents and sharks. However, Bill stated that it is totally doable for a 67-year-old man. He also stated that this is the second time that he has swam across Alcatraz Island.

This was Bob’s first time swimming across Alcatraz Island. He wanted to swim across Alcatra Island for his 40th birthday. He was up for the challenge. He also enjoyed the father-son bonding experience. Bob managed to finish the swim in 37 minutes. Bill finished the swim in 40 minutes.

Fortunately, neither Bill nor Bob saw a shark while they were swimming. Bob actually does not turn 40 until next year. However, he wanted to celebrate his birthday early.

Make a Killing with Unbiased and Independent Investment Research from Agora Financial

‘Welcome to Agora Financial’ is a brief, four-minute video about how Agora helps client’s to grow, manage and protect their wealth. The animated video features a dentist, Bob, who’s on the verge of calling his dental practice quits. One slight problem, though; Bob only knows about cavity fillings and root canals. He’s completely naïve when it comes to predicting bubbles or analyzing investment trends. But, Bob’s well aware of the unbecoming behavior of wealth robbers out there whose main interests are to extort him of his hard-earned life savings.

True, most hotshot brokers are crooks, but fortunately for Bob, there’s Agora Financial. For the past thirty years, Agora has helped investors like bob to safeguard their investments for a comfortable retirement age. The company specializes in three main services. These are:-

Finding Companies Headed for Rapid Growth

Income Generating Secrets

Wealth Protection and Growth Strategies

What Makes Agora Unique?

Agora is unlike the other conventional hedge funds out there in that their research is always 100% independent and unbiased. The firm doesn’t collaborate with any of the investment companies they feature to their readers. Additionally, the analysts working at Agora are always on the move and not stationed in their offices. The research work takes them to far-flung corners of the globe to look for interesting investment ideas for clients like Bob.

Meet the Management Team

Agora has an incredibly professional team heading their research and analysis. The team is comprised of a Three-Time, NYT best-selling author, a Harvard University-trained Geologist, a Pulitzer nominated journalist, a self-made billionaire investor and philanthropist, an ex-hedge fund manager, an ex-banker to a former US president, and a world-leading bond expert.

Notable Financial Calls

The company’s impressive track record shows them accurately calling the meteoric rise of commodities like gold in 1999. They also predicted the US housing bubble burst some four years before it actually happened. Their analysts also predicted the massive surge in oil prices back in 2007. That excellent foresight has resulted in Agora’s clients minting millions of dollars in profits for the past decade. To gain from the unique perspective provided at Agora.

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OneLogin- Cloud Based Authentication and Supply Chain Management

Cloud based computing has revolutionized business and provided a one-stop-shop for supply chain and vendor management for the world’s largest companies. Cloud based authentication allows multiple businesses to access the same databases, cut costs, reduce manual entry for users, and secure data all in one location. OneLogin is providing these services to businesses on a large scale and revolutionizing business management.

OneLogin provides its clients with a secure means to store, access, and utilize personally identifiable information and secures this data behind a singular, centrally controlled firewall. This measure helps companies individually cut costs because the burden of security is placed on a third party- OneLogin. OneLogin accomplishes this robust security posture by using multi-factor authentication which requires multiple correct inputs to access sensitive data.

OneLogin also consolidates the IT support required to manage multiple databases and assure seamless operation at the individual user level. Companies who maintain their own databases are responsible for the manual entry and disassociation of users, as well as providing IT support to each user individually. OneLogin assumes these costs and offers these authentication and database management services in a single cost to the client. Moreover, clients of OneLogin are capable of using a single set of credentials to access a litany of data contained on the cloud. In turn, this reduces the IT support required to solve routine login issues and cuts costs to the client.

Fundamentally, OneLogin is simplifying the complex supply chain management for its clients by consolidating the chain into a single cloud based architecture. No longer is the productivity of a client defined by the fidelity of multiple databases, but, rather, can be maintained efficiently and reliably by a single company.

Cloud based authentication reduces the burden on the client through the OneLogin service. This enables clients of OneLogin to operate more efficiently and with lower overhead costs in terms of maintaining a complex and maintenance heavy data-management infrastructure.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions for Small Business and Independent Professionals

Talk Fusion is a video communication and marketing firm that offers a wide range of new age technological products for the companies to reach out to its target audience more efficiently. As the marketing field continues to get more competitive and enterprises continue to find new ways to reach out to its target audience, it is essential for the companies to be more creative with their marketing efforts. Video marketing is one of the latest and the most innovative marketing methods that is being efficiently used in the last few years. It has helped many companies to reach out to its target audience and boost their sales, customer service quality,


Talk Fusion is an all in one media and marketing firm that helps the companies to use video marketing efficiently to penetrate the market. The company has a presence in 140 countries, and it continues to expand at a massive pace across the globe. It is essential that enterprises find a new and innovative way to reach out to their audience and video marketing is the perfect solution. Gone are the days when you can hide behind the words and letters, as people have become more visually conscious and curious and wanted to know more about the companies they deal with and shop from. Video marketing solutions offered by Talk Fusion are scalable, and its efficiency can be measured with the different analytics tools that it comes with.


Talk Fusion would allow the companies to send video e-mail or a video newsletter, something that wasn’t possible earlier. Recently, Talk Fusion also developed and launched the new video conferencing and chat application that would help people with their business as well as in personal lives. The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, believes that the growth experienced by the company in the last few years is phenomenal due to the increasing awareness among the professionals and the organizations that video marketing is active and here to stay. It has the potential to help enterprises make their mark in their niche and engage more customers, which in turn, can help in higher revenue generation. Learn more:



Shiraz Boghani, Pioneering Innovations To Stand Out In Hospitality Industry

The Chairman of the prestigious Splendid Hospitality Group was recently recognized at the Asian Business Awards with an accolade of the Hotelier of the Year award. Shiraz has a record of serving the hospitality industry for more than 30 years now. Currently, he runs and manages 19 trading hotels in different parts of the UK. He is renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship and is honored to be a qualified Chartered Accountant who has a major interest in the hotel sector. Shiraz Boghani is among the pioneers of limited service branded hotels in the UK, in the 1990s.

His newest and most recent project is the creation and launching of Hilton London Bankside, a stylish 121 million Euros hotel situated at London’s exuberant Bankside. Other major hotels under his command include The Grand Hotel & Spa, The Conrad London St James and Holiday Inn London-Wembley among others. Some of the recently acquired assets are the Mercure Bristol Hotel and the New Ellington in Leeds. Shiraz Boghani is not left behind in giving back to the society and some of his philanthropic works include his involvement with the global Aga Khan Development Network as well as the Aga Khan Foundation.


The jury present at the Asian Business awards on comprised of highly esteemed individuals who included Amit Roy, a famous journalist, Shailesh R Solanki, Yorkshire’s MP, AMG’s managing director, Kalpesh R Solanki, and Jitesh Gadhia, a prominent investment banker. Mr. Shiraz shows his appreciation for the award and says that he was thrilled by the fact that the jury saw him fit to emerge as the final winner. He adds on that a better part of his life has been involved with Hotels and he takes pride in the growth of his group. Shiraz attributes his success majorly on the untiring support of his family and equally his highly qualified executive management team.

The Splendid Hospitality Group is a leading privately-owned hotel group that has showcased tremendous growth in the UK. This is a vivid testimony of relentless hard work and dedication of Shiraz to ensure that the company does not settle for any less than they deserve. Splendid Hospitality Group’s CEO Stuart Bailey adds that it is fair that Shiraz Boghani receives his due heard-earned credit. Shiraz Boghani was originally from Kenya and relocated in 1969 to the UK starting his accounting training at a Chartered Accountants subsidiary. Being innovative and forward-thinking, Shiraz grabbed the slightest business opportunities on He is a co-founder and partner of Sussex Health Care. The institution was opened in 1985 and has grown to host 18 Care Homes with over 500 beds.

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Why is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continuing to Grow?

To better understand how any clothing retailer can grow in this market, you have to look at who is dominating that market. In the online clothing world, Amazon continues to be the leader and pull down nearly 20 percent of all the cash that passes hands in this very competitive niche. That could scare the daylights out of any clothing retailer, especially one new to the industry. That does not appear to be the case with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, who have recently passed the $250 million mark in sales in less than three years.


This is something most in that industry would dream of achieving, yet Hudson talks openly about how her company continues to shatter sales record year to year. Hudson says that Fabletics is making use of a couple sales techniques that are nothing new to the industry, just utilized in a way that are yielding incredible results. To start, Hudson says membership perks are something she is very generous with, giving clients more than they could ever expect for their business. Next, Hudson says reverse show rooming has catapulted her sales numbers into the stratosphere.


Look at what is going on inside any of the Fabletics mall stores, and you will get a better understanding as to why this clothing retailer has been able to close that huge gap to Amazon. Women are packed in the store all hours of the day, trying on all the workout apparel, taking the Lifestyle Quiz, and browsing the new arrivals section for tank tops, leggings, or yoga pants. When you see a customer leave the store without buying, it is all part of the sales program in full force.


Those items the customers tried on in the store will be loaded automatically to that member’s online account. This means the customer has the ability to return when they have time to continue shopping on their terms. That is exactly what is happening too, as more customers understand these benefits and shop online when they have the free time to relax and scan the huge online inventory.


Don’t forget the membership perks; which range from discounted prices on all the apparel, free shipping for online orders, and even help from your own shopping assistant. With so many things designed to make shopping easier for the customer, it is no wonder those in the clothing industry are certainly taking notice to everything Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been doing recently.

Entrepreneurs Being Led To Success By Marc Sparks


Marc Sparks’ road to success and recognition as a serial entrepreneur is not the typical story we have come to expect. Graduating high school in 1975 with a C+ average, life experience became his teacher. His book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success” tells of some of the life experiences, both good and bad, that laid the foundation for his success. Although Marc Sparks had no formal training, his more than 40 years of experience has positioned him to lend his expertise to others in both business and philanthropic endeavors.




Marc Sparks graduated high school in Austin, Texas and now the principal in his private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP in Dallas, Texas. He started a software company and sold over $200 million worth of product a year. He says, however, it was more educational to share that he started an insurance holding company in his back bedroom, built it to nearly a billion dollar market cap and lost it all in a 90 day period. This type of experience allowed him to establish the business model and company culture and develop the short term goals and long range plan for business success. Marc Sparks says to be rich to him is having great health, a healthy family, good friends, building successful business from scratch, having hundreds of happy staff members and thousands of happy customers.




Instead of the traditional path to success, such as college, an internship or starter position at a well known firm or corporation and working his way into a leadership role, Marc Sparks garnered his experience from dozens of successful business startups. At Timber Creek Capital, he now helps other entrepreneurs develop their startups through mentoring, advice and funding from various investors. He has acquired a spacious facility to assist passionate, promising entrepreneurs in turning their business ideas and dreams into income producing products and services. Timber Creek Capital provides office space, equipment and a platform for sharing ideas and networking. As a venture capitalist, Mark Sparks started Spark Tank and nurtures 3 startups at a time by offering support staff, marketing, banking advice customer service, accounting, web development and graphic arts. In Sparks Tank, Marc Sparks hopes to promote his keys to running a successful organization; faith, tenacity, passion and a culture of urgency or “Sparks Speed.”




Marc Sparks is of great value to the Dallas, Texas community not only because of his roles as a business leader and mentor to other entrepreneurs, but also for his philanthropy. His effort to support and empower underprivileged youth, he established Sparky’s Kids to help them continue their education. Through this endeavor, the American Can Academy received a donation of one thousand computer for distribution to economically disadvantaged families. He has also supported Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter that houses 160 people a day, for the past 20 years. Through his businesses, his writing and his attempts to live up to the responsibilities God has entrusted him with, Marc Sparks has helped thousands. Marc Sparks believes that working together and helping one another will make the world a better place. Learn more:


5 Weight Loss Tips That Work Without Fail


Losing weight is hard. It takes a lot of time, effort, and consistency to get the desired results. Nowadays there are so many diets that promise everything and the bathtub. It can be very confusing to someone who wants to lose weight, but don’t know which diet to choose. Here are five longstanding weight loss facts that you know will work.




A shocking study shows that less than 4 percent of the population eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. Even though they are a carbohydrate, vegetables are incredibly healthy and have lots of essential vitamins and minerals that everyone needs. There is so much variety among vegetables that you don’t have to be stuck to eating the ones you do not like. Eating a variety of them is important, especially the more colorful ones. You can put them in smoothies, salads, bake them, or just about anything else. The main idea is to make it a habit of eating them each day.




People say that calories are just calories, but that is not true. Not all foods are created equal. Some foods are more nutritionally dense and satisfying, while others may taste good by are less healthy and are practically empty calories. You may be more satisfied by eating a small piece of dark chocolate, rather than a whole bag of chocolate cookies. Look for whole foods that are really quality in small amounts.




Did your parents ever tell you to eat your fiber? Well, they knew what they were talking about. Beans, legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruit, and seeds all contain fiber, meaning carbohydrates. Your body cannot digest it so it just passes through your body without spiking blood sugar. Some benefits of fiber are that it can reduce the risk of colon cancer, relieve constipation, and also improve blood cholesterol. Who doesn’t like that? It takes time to digest fiber, making you feel full for a longer period of time. If you get hungry pretty often you may consider eating more fiber.




It is so easy to go to the store and purchase that delicious tasting bag of chips, right? Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on your energy bar? It turns out that companies add a lot of fillers in their products to cut costs. They don’t care if you are eating unnecessary salt, sugar, or whatever else they put into there. If it tastes good, just eat it right? Wrong! The list of ingredients should be very simple, short, and natural. You should be able to pronounce everything. If the list is too long, ditch it. Most likely it does not have the essential nutrients you need, so to make up for not feeling satisfied you end up consuming way more than you need, maybe even the whole bag. This is shown to be linked to expanding waistlines. So munch on a juicy pear, healthy salad, or some almonds. You won’t regret eating that apple when you look at the scale and it says you lost some extra weight.




You can exercise until you are blue in the face, or sprain you ankle, but if you don’t eat healthy it will be not be optimal. When you find out how much running or weight training you have to do to burn off a tasty burger, you may think twice. Did you know that you would have to run 1 hour to burn off two and 1/2 pieces of pizza? Yikes!! If you combine healthy eating, along with exercise you are going in the right direction.


It is good to keep in mind that you have to be patient along the way because losing weight is not an overnight thing. It takes time and practice. Don’t have the time to meal plan? shows how despite cost Nutrisystem is a great program that can fit into almost any weight loss strategy out there. Give it a try. Good luck on your weight loss journey and enjoy the ride. It’s going to feel so good when you hit your final goal.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Helping People Lose Weight Since 2000

Serving the people of Georgia and Florida is what Dr. Mark McKenna enjoys doing. A native of New Orleans, LA, he had spent the better part of his youthful days developing his hometown. After the unfortunate destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, McKenna actively took part in its rebuilding process and this strengthened his resilient spirit of helping others overcome life challenges. For this reason, he established OVME, medical aesthetic firm, earlier this year with the aim of helping people overcome healthcare and fitness challenges.

Ideamensch Interview

Ideamensch caught up with the certified medical doctor and surgeon a few weeks ago and posed several questions about his past life, current life, his aspiration and what his plans are. He told the interviewers that his intention of starting OVME was to create a platform through which he would put his decade-long medical experience to good use. He wants to impact positively in the in the medical aesthetics industry. He also revealed that to have his ideas succeed, he blends active goal setting with passive and quiet meditation sessions. It is by so doing that he manages to put his life and profession on the right course.

One thing that came out prominently during the short interview was McKenna’s dedication to family. He explained that despite his busy schedule, he sets the time to have breakfast and dinner with his family. He also revealed that he is a 6am-6pm kind of person, as that is the time he actively takes part in office work. Towards the end of his day, he sets aside a couple of hours or so for Jiu-Jitsu training.

About Dr. McKenna

Dr. S. Mark McKenna trained as a medical doctor at Tulane University School of Medicine after which he has practiced medicine for 17 years now. His first venture in the medical industry was in non-surgical aesthetics, having opened Shape Medical Wellness Center 17 years ago in Atlanta. Through the clinic, he helps individuals struggling with weight problems to lose the excess weight in an affordable, efficient, and reliable procedure.

Outside the field of medicine, Dr. McKenna has his name inscribed on the list of the most prominent real estate investors in New Orleans. He is the founder and leader of the real estate company, McKenna Venture Investments.