Nizan Guanaes Sells His ABC Company for R $ 1 Billion to Omnicom Group

Advertising and marketing are successful business ventures in Brazil. Industrialization has necessitated the need to have industries to promote products manufactured by companies. In addition, advertising is vital in connecting with customers in an effort to promote sales. ABC has been one of earliest firms to tap into the Brazilian market and reap massive profits.

ABC Group, which is one of the largest advertising Companies in the Brazilian market, has been acquired by Omnicom. The sale was officiallized in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the newly acquired company is expected to make its debut in the New York Stock Exchange in a few days. Omnicom is strengthening its muscle by acquiring any competitor in its quest for global dominance.

Financial Status

Nizan Guanaes and Joao Augusto are the pioneers behind the inception and growth of ABC into a successful firm. Founded in 2002, the company’s mission was to become one of the world’s major advertising groups with its headquarters in Brazil. The company owns 14 subsidiary firms majoring in public relations and advertising. For instance, it owns Proctor and Gamble, Mitsubishi and Gillette. In the last financial year, ABC group recorded an impressive R $ 1 billion. In addition, it is ranked among the 20 largest firms in the world. The acquisition of ABC group is a strategic move in buying off two major global competitors.

Guanaes has a stellar career that traces its roots to the various companies he has worked with. His efforts have been recognized by several institutions. For instance, the Financial Times have named him as “one of the 21 global influencers on media and marketing.” On the other hand, Advertising Age and Fast Company has named him as one of “the 100 most creative people in business”.

Personal Interests

Furthermore, Nizan Guanes has dedicated a great part of his time to social causes in entrepreneurship, preservation of Brazil’s cultural history and education.

Helane Morrison and the Compliance Enforcement in the Corporate World

Helane Morrison holds the position of Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the largest advisory firms based in San Francisco. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the same company. Hall paints a picture of how most people lost the trust they once had in the financial industry owing to the2008 economic meltdown. Most of them began placing their finances on own hands. However, Hall Capital provides a way out of this by ensuring that it enforces integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance on all the dealings.

Helane Morrison is a sharp, assertive, firm and also a hardworking lady who has been exceptional in the field of compliance. She insists on every investment the company makes on behalf of the client to be ethical and solid. The professional team at Hall ensures that every financial advisor, brokerage firm or mutual fund advisors so chosen ought to be thoroughly investigated before it is entrusted with money from the clients. Morrison heads a team that is made up of enforcement staff. In case of an anomaly being suspected, the team usually enforces some disciplinary action that involves instituting criminal charges or correction practices.

About Helane Morrison

Prior to joining the Hall Capital LLC back in 2007, Helane Morrison used to be the head at SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) San Francisco office from 199 up to 2007. She was involved in the enforcement of regulatory compliance, securities and litigation matters in five Northwest States as the Regional Director and Northern California. She used to represent the SEC in business relations, legal issues, government agencies and financial communities. During her stint at the SEC, Morrison handled fraud cases that involved top executives from some top companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google, HBO and NextCard Incorporated. She was also the one who exposed the sale of some false securities by the American Amicable insurance company to 50,000 and above military personnel in a deceptive sale.

Before her stint at SEC, she had practiced law at the Howard, Canady, Falk and Rabkin from the year 1986 to 1996. She had made partner in 1991 and her duties then involved internal corporate investigations, business litigation, private securities defense and SEC-related matters. Helane had earlier on acted as the law clerk to Hon. Richard Posner and Justice Harry A. Blackmun. She completed her Journalism Bachelor’s degree at the Northwestern University, Illinois. She then joined the University of California, Berkeley School of Law to further her studies. She is a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and American Bar Association.

Andy Wirth and his New Position

Andy Wirth is not only the current CEO, but also the current President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The resort is a ski resort with a long past as well as a bright future ahead thanks to the innovation of Andy Wirth and his employees at the resort.

Even at a young age, Mr. Wirth has always wanted to combine business with the mountain resort industry. Andy Wirth has always loved nature and has always known that his career path would involve seeing and living in nature every single day.

Though this resort was originally a family owned business for over 70 years, Andy Wirth proved his capability to not only keep the business intact, but to also grow the business even more within the next few years to come. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has always had nature run through his veins. As the current CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Mr. Wirth has made sure that he knows every inch of his land.

As an outdoors man, Andy Wirth has improved the ski resort to encourage hiking, exploring, skiing, or even just sitting back to relax to enjoy the beautiful view.

With the beautiful ski slopes as well as the close proximity to Lake Tahoe, Mr. Wirth’s current business is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots to vacation to in the entire world.

As a dedicated businessman, Andy Wirth has been able to attract more visitors than ever to this peaceful and beautiful ski resort. Though Andy Wirth has only been in his position for six years, Mr. Wirth has put over $70 million into the renovation of the resort.

The money has gone into the reshaping of the ski slopes as well as the remodeling of the interior of the resort. This renovation has made the ski resort up to date and even more environmentally friendly. Andy Wirth wants to attract visitors while creating less of a carbon footprint in the environment.