Salvation Taco Takeover

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Chef and co-owner of the restaurant Empellon, Alex Stupak has taken over the Mexican Restaurant at the Murray Hill Pod 39 hotel.
The restaurant, Salvation Taco was run by Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield. They opened the restaurant in 2012 with an open air rooftop bar. The menu consisted of Mexican fare including tacos and tortas. Though the restaurant was popular, it was not given rave reviews by critics like many other restaurants in New York City. After the departure of Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, the Murray Hill Pod 39 Hotel owns the restaurant. Alex Stupak runs three Empellon Restaurants in Manhattan. Critics have praised the Empellon Mid-Town restaurant for its excellent and innovative deserts according to a story at
Currently Stupak has retained the name of the restaurant and has not changed the menu He intends to change the menu in the fall on the lines of Empellon al Pastor located at the East Village. Empellon al Pastor serves cocktails, bar snacks and tacos. He is also retaining the chef de cuisine Davri Zainoeddin who is an old hand at the restaurant and most of the staff. He has plans of changing the menu and improving the ratings of Salvation Taco among critics.
This is good news for those who enjoyed eating Mexican Street food at the upscale Salvation Taco restaurant. They can look forward to returning to their favorite restaurant that is not only seeing a change but a sea change for the better.

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