Security and Cloud Migration

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Onelogin is an identity and access management platform created by the developers of Zendesk. Through their website they also seek to arm prospective interests in information about IT security and identity management risks.

In the article “Keep calm and cloud on: migrating complete environments to the cloud in stormy skies” Onelogin presents information about the tangible risks of migrations between cloud servers. The article has information regarding to the hardware-based risks of cloud server migrations, like employees setting up unsecured servers.

Traditionally, IT professionals focus on managing only hardware and software. The difficulties in moving total server infrastructure to the cloud presents the difficulty of managing increasingly blurred endpoints for IT.

Onelogin’s platform as an identity management system relates directly to this problem, by offering more ways for employers to control their employees access permissions. This is one of the key ways the article clarifies that companies might seek to eliminate these cloud-server based vulnerabilities.

The important footnote at the end of the article specifically highlights Onelogin as a platform with viability for centralizing employee identity management. In allowing the employer to control who has access to key systems they can cut down on who has the capability to set up an unsecured server.

Onelogin certainly knows what they’re talking about. The information presented in the original article covers the most important bases of IT to employee interaction and the risks and difficulties of the ever growing need for companies to switch to the cloud.

The information in the article is very well presented and you can tell comes from a company with a background in dealing with employer and employee relationships. Arguably the most important information presented is how a company can only manage what it can see, and how the product being offered might help create more visible situations across cloud networks.

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