Some Records End At First Day Of Swim Meet In Kansas

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There were some state records that had long stood in Kansas that were on the chopping block when the high school students met to compete with one another. It seems that no matter how high the bar was for those records today’s students were ready to exceed them.

There were four records in total that were taken out in just day one of the preliminary meet. That is the most that have fallen in a single day of a swim meet in Kansas high school history.

A lot of the swimmers told the local news station that having so many records fall was all the more motivation for them to do their very best as well. They did not want to leave anything in the pool and regret that they were not able to perform to the utmost of their abilities. You could tell by the way that they were competing that there was nothing left in the tank for so many of these students.

It all depended upon which division the swimmer’s school was in as far as how many records were broken. When it came to the schools that were in the very top of the food chain (division 6A), there were no records broken.

Regardless, all of the competitiors did a terrific job and really impressed the spectators. It was a display of sportsmanship and athletic talent all at the same time. It was truly a sight to behold for many of those in attendance that day.

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