Southridge Capital and Its Unique Structured Finance Services

Southridge Capital has a long history and experience in the provision of finance for more than two hundred fifty public companies that gives it an exclusive comprehension on the dilemmas that starting companies most often have. The professional team at Southridge Capital have the aptitude to give counsel or recommendations on majority of the problems companies experience from being turned into a public entity, to the implementation of customized financing methods, to the proper handling and enhancement of their respective balance sheets.

Since the firm’s inception in 1996, the team for structured finance was able to come up with a direct investment of more than $1.8 billion that were infused into the development of companies all over the world. The specialty of the firm is in its unique proficiency in the creation of personalized financial programs for its clients and its proper process of implementation.

The firm’s structured finance services are made up of securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions.

For its securitization services, Southridge is aware that most companies do not have chance to take advantage of most opportunities to augment their financial needs. To resolve this type of issue, the firm offers unconventional techniques which generally comprise of turning the company’s actual assets into legal tender. Particular strategies include getting a loan against capital assets or other kinds of assets, and inside shareholders’ stocks.

According to Newswire, in the implementation of its credit enhancing services, the firm works to improve the credit image of the client with their respective lenders by recommending the removal of the debt by giving the said creditors part of the company’s common stocks. This particular move will be administered based on the real debt paying ability of the cited stocks, which eliminates the need for a statement of registration. Southridge will likewise see to it that conveyance of common stock will have the minutest undesirable effect conceivable on the market. Check out to see more.

To leverage the cash needs of companies, Southridge aims to provide its clients with the best way out of their financial issues by formulating specific solutions based on their particular needs. Some products the firm can offer in particular is the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) that gives its clients the chance to secure capital upon their request anytime regardless of the current state of the market.

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