Stephanie Slater Retires From Swimming

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Stephanie Slater is a swimming sensation that has won numerous awards. She shocked the world last week when she announced that she will be retiring from swimming. She is only 27-years-old. She stated that her health is the reason that she will be retiring.

Stephanie suffered a severe neck injury last year. She also has postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and ehlers-danlos syndrome. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is a condition where the blood pressure drops when one stands up. Ehlers-danlos syndrome is a condition that affects the joints, skin and blood vessel walls. It causes skin problems. It also causes the joints to become too flexible, which makes them easier to break.

Stephanie has had health issues since she was a child. However, they were never properly-diagnosed until last year. Stephanie persevered despite her health issues. She returned to the pool after rehabilitation.

Stephanie has stated that she has been forced to retire from swimming now. If she does not stop swimming, then she can suffer serious nerve damage. She may even end up paralyzed.

Stephanie’s neck is fragile, so she has to be careful. People are surprised that Stephanie has been able to achieve everything that she has. Stephanie stated that the decision to quit swimming was a difficult one, and it took her months to come to that decision. However, she believes that it is the best decision.

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