Stream Energy Cares

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For Stream Energy, giving back to the community is just as important to their company as sales. With their immense success, they have been able to contribute to some impressive charitable causes like the cleanup and rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Corporate philanthropy is a core part of Stream Energy and “Stream Cares” is a big part of how they give back to their community in Texas and all across the United States. They have been performing charitable work through “Stream Cares” for more than 12 years.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, they did not just use their money to be able to contribute. The companies in Texas helping out during the relief efforts were textbook cases on how the community can come together after a disaster. The acts of giving were heavily publicized and offered great benefits to the different brands that were helping.

Stream Energy has had their own arm of their company that is devoted to philanthropy for years, but in general, it is a rather new concept for a lot of businesses.

Stream Energy is an extremely generous part of corporate America. In the United States, $19 billion was given to different charities around the world by American business in 2016. This figure is not even taking corporate sponsorships, time donations, and individual contributions by employees.

Stream Energy has built very strong relationships with organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity over the years through “Stream Cares”. With homelessness in Texa being one of the major concerns for Stream Energy and their employees, they work closely with different organizations to try to help with this problem. In Dallas alone, there has been a rise of homelessness in the city by around 24%. This is absolutely devastating to those who are being affected by the epidemic. Their concern for the problem is so great that their associates actually track the problem themselves and suggest different ways that they can help to the company.