Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Branding Consultants in the US

One of the biggest names in the branding and marketing world of the United States is Susan McGalla. She has achieved tremendous success in the corporate world in a concise period, and one of the key reasons for her success is her determination and hard work. Even after facing many challenges as a woman, Susan let her performance speak for itself, and it is what made her the CEO of Wet Seals Inc and the President of the American Outfitters Inc. Susan McGalla’s achievements in the marketing and branding sector are well-known across the United States, and even globally.

Susan McGalla is also renowned for being a motivational speaker and has spoken at many national and international events on the position of women in the corporate world and sharing her views on what the women of today should do to make their mark in the business sector. One of the top advice she gives to women is that they should never compromise on the education they receive, and must also plan their career well in advance. Many sectors are booming these days, and the women must choose their career accordingly. Susan McGalla said that selecting a profession they are passionate about is important so that they do not get disarrayed on their way. Susan McGalla said that studying at good colleges and getting good grades is important as that would ensure a good position and a fat pay package.

Susan McGalla said women should also ensure that they manage their finance well and save for their higher education well in advance. She says that starting to save early for higher education is important as that is what would ensure hassle free admission and enrollment process in the future. It would also make it possible for the women to broaden their choice as to which university they want to join. Susan McGalla said that for working women, it is important they do not let any problems let them down emotionally. It is important for women to have a support system of friends and colleagues around them, who would keep your morale and spirits high at the workplace.

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