Swimmer Gets A Second Chance At Glory

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Miguel Duran is a Spanish swimmer who always dreamed of swimming at the Olympics. This dream has come true in 2017, but Miguel’s dream was almost cut short after he accidentally engaged in a false start. After being thrown out of the race for the false start, Miguel Duran left the water with tears running down his face. His family and friends embraced him.

The Olympics committee just announced they are giving Miguel Duran a second chance to swim. The committee has never done this for anyone, but they were moved by Miguel’s tears and the sadness displayed on his face. When asked why he engaged in a false start, Miguel stated that he does not know. He believes it was just his nerves and him overthinking the situation.

Miguel Duran further stated that he must look past the false start. He is extremely happy that the Olympics committee is giving him a second chance to swim. Miguel was most upset due to all the hours, days, and months he devoted to training for this special occasion. Miguel told the press that he will be more careful in the future, and he told his coaches they do not have to worry about another false start. Miguel Duran hopes he can revive himself and his reputation by winning the swimming competition at the 2017 Olympic games.

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