Swimmer Returns To The Pool After Dealing With Medical Hardships

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Dawson Kramer is finally able to return to the pool after taking a long break from it. He is a student at Greenville Eastside High School and a member of the swim team. He stated that the pool is his happy place and where he needs to be.

Medical issues forced Dawson to take a break from the pool. He was born with a concave chest. This caused his rib and breastbone to grow abnormally. The abnormality was putting a strain on Dawson’s heart and lungs. He had to undergo a procedure to correct this problem. Two metal bars were placed in Dawson’s back. Doctors thought that everything would be okay after that. However, things were not okay.

Dawson ended up developing an allergic reaction to the two bars that were placed in his back. His condition worsened over the next couple of weeks. He lost a lot of weight because he could barely eat. He had to undergo a second procedure to replace the bars.

The second procedure caused internal trauma to Dawson’s body. He could not attend the eighth grade because he could barely move. Dawson said that this was the worst time of his life and he wanted to get back in the pool.

When he started physical therapy, he got back in the pool. Dawson’s mother said that his whole demeanor changed when he got in the water. Dawson had to undergo a third procedure in April 2017. He was able to make a full recovery and joined the swimming team last fall.

Dawson said that since he made it through this ordeal, nothing is going to stop him now.

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