Swimmer Says Swimming Is The Best Antidote for Depression And Anxiety

Nisha Millet is an avid swimmer. Not only is it a fun hobby for her, but she says that it has improved her mental and physical health. She stated that swimming helped lower her stress levels when she was pregnant with her twins. It also helped take some of the stress off of her joints.


Nisha swam until she was in the last month of her pregnancy. Swimming helped Nisha maintain a healthy blood pressure. Nisha had a tough time adjusting to motherhood, but swimming helped her get through the tough times. She asked her mother to watch her twin daughters so that she could go swim with her husband.


Nisha was happy to be back in the pool again. She now tries to swim at least once a week for 30 minutes at a time. Swimming is different from many other workouts. It is considered one of the best workouts for pregnant women and people who have disabilities. It is also great for people who are battling depression.


When you are immersed in the water, friction is taken off of your body. Swimming also helps you burn fat and improve muscle tone. Nisha wears speedo’s technologically advanced body swimsuit. This helps activate her core muscles.


Nisha also stated that swimming helps fight depression. There is also scientific proof that swimming helps fight depression. Additionally, it is recommended to people who are dealing with anxiety and depression. Your body not only fights stress when you swim, but it also releases more endorphins. This response is a lot like medication because endorphins are nature’s painkillers.


It is best to swim in water that is slightly cold. This will help boost your overall mood. Swimming has made it easier for Nisha to adjust to motherhood. It has also helped her fight the blues.


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