Swimming in the Deep Water Horizon

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Swimming must be one of the oldest sporting activities in history, tracing its origin at the beginning of civilization. Due to its long history, people have been finding newer and better ways of making the sport enjoyable. Since civilization have been growing and expanding in equal measure, they have called for the installation of artificial swimming pools all that come in different sizes. Swimming pools have for a long time been known to offer water lovers with the opportunity to relax. However, there is another cadre of individuals that have fallen in love with deep water exploration. To this end, creating deep pools has become relevant, now more than ever.

In Italy is a pool that has attracted the attention of some deep sea divers, including Guillaume Nery. Unlike any other water facility in the world, the artificial water hole in Italy has a depth of 40 meters, approximately the width of an ordinary football field. Just like in a deep sea environment, the swimming pool has many holes running across the walls of the water retaining structure making divers feel like they are getting from one chamber to the other. Although the deep water structure happens to be stunning, it has caused a lot of anxiety especially to individuals like Guillaume Nery who has had the opportunity to swim for free in the facility.

The pool in Italy stands out from others across the globe mainly because it has standing platforms that allow divers to rest or take a moment as they regain their sense of direction. For all those who would want to explore the deep sea environment, the Y-40 pool offers a perfect training ground. Located in the Hotel Millepini Terme, Y-40 also provides visitors with leisure activities as well as recreational photo shoots. The Y-40 swimming pool also has an underground cylindrical pool that extends 20 meters below the earth’s surface. As it stands out, the Y-40 facility in Italy is a real masterpiece, having been the invention of Emanuele Boaretto, a renowned architect in the country. It is without saying that the Y-40 is a must visit site.

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