Swimming Pools for Dogs

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Generally, when a person thinks about swimming, they picture themselves going to the beach or local pool and jumping into the water. Many people also think about hte great health benefits that come along with swimming. That being said, swimming isn’t simply important for people, but is important for rehabilating dogs.

According to the article, Dog-only swimming pools cater to canines in need of rehab, swimming pools are being used for dogs help them to regain their strength and stamina. http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/pets/ct-dog-swimming-pools-20180308-story.html There are 5 different pools that are located within a mall in Maryland that are dedicated to dogs only. Owners take their dogs to these pools to help them not only regain strength but to also help overweight dogs to lose their extra pounds. Many surgeons have begun to recommend swimming therapy after different types of surgery for dogs to help them recover as well.

Apparently, these pools are a hit and are in high demand. According to the article, there are over 900 different clients that sign up to have their dogs use the pools. It is thought that the dog pools are a hit due to the fact that many people treat their dogs as a part of their family. In past years, many dogs were outdoor dogs, and although they were fed and cared for, they weren’t really seen as part of the family. In recent years, many more people have been buying dogs and caring for them indoors and getting them regularly groomed. This shift could be a major reason for the dog pool popularity. These pools are quite an interesting idea overall, and it seems that many different dogs can benefit from using them.

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