Talos Engery Huge Merger Deal

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Recently, Talos Energy, a Texas gas and oil company, has closed a merger deal with a Louisiana energy company. The merger deal was settled at two billion dollars. This deal is centered around the goal of achieving more offshore oil for the U.S. and for the U.S. side of the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is privately backed but has gone public. After going public, the energy company acquired share in Stone, the company Talos Energy has now merged with.

The companies decided to merge together because of main interest. That interest is the intent to gain more offshore oil around the Gulf Of Mexico. The two companies felt that they were a good fit for each other because of the good position Talos Energy had. Talos Energy had a reputable portfolio of capital for business development opportunities around the Gulf of Mexico.

Originally, Talos Energy was suppose to already have gone public. But the oil bust that happened a few years ago slowed down progress. Nonetheless, the company got back on its feet. The two institutions that financially backed the company six years ago when the company first started is now seeing the original plan come true with last month’s billion dollar merger.

Talos Energy hit it big with a rent discovery. The company discovered Zama offshore of Mexico. This discovery was huge and one of the first major things for the company. This was a great win for Stone since the company has been going through bankruptcy for the past couple of years.

Talos Energy is sure to bring much success to offshore exploration and drilling. The company’s management leaders have many years of combined experience in working to deliver oil from the U.S. of the Gulf of Mexico. The company is very skilled in capturing deep water assets and optimizing those deep water assets with the most update technologies around. The company’s track record is not one to be undervalued. The company has prove itself as legitimate company that will deliver positive results. Talos Energy is ready with Stone to deliver offshore oil returns to their investors.

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