The Beginning and the Progress of James Dondera

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James Dondero, has made his mark in the alternative investment market, landing his company, Highland Capital Management to a staggering $13.5 billion dollar worth. In the process, becoming affiliates of power-house companies such as Acis Capital Management – who has won an array of prestigious awards such as the performance award in 2016 from Alt Credit Intelligence; Highland Brasil; and the health care investment giant, Netpoint Capital. Together, these companies have managed to provide the market with exceeding opportunities that has granted companies the privilege to grow at outstanding rates. With over 30 years of successful related experience, James Dondero is definitely the High-Powered Businessman in which the world knows him as. Visit his website at

Currently, the business sits comfortably, recognized as one of the highest worths in the alternative investment market under the management of Mr. Dondero. In 2015, the Dallas-based portion of Highland Capital earned the title: “One of the Best Places to Work in 2015” by the Dallas Business Journal, which goes to show you that taking care of your staff and ensuring their satisfaction, equals great company production.

In addition to the company’s worth accomplishment and Dallas Business Journal recognition, Highland Capital Management lends its support in the community, donating $1 million to the Dallas Zoo, $1 million to The Family Place and $2 million to the Southern Methodist University in efforts to build and to improve various processes.

James Dondero, in addition to founder and president of Highland Capital Management, is also the chairman and president of Nexpoint Residential Trust, Inc; chairman of NewBank Capital, Inc.; and founder and president of Nexpoint Advisors. Read more about James Dondero on

James Dondero started his 30 year stretch, in 1984, as a analyst at JP Morgan, where he would learn the ropes of strategic components for managing transactions. In 1985, he would sign on to American Express as a corporate bond analyst, commit and do well, earning the title as a portfolio manager until 1989. He doesn’t stop his rise there. Thereafter, he would sign on to Protective Life in 1989 as a Chief Investment Officer, from 1989-1993, where he would succeed at bringing the company to a $2 billion worth.

James Dondero graduates McIntire School of Commerce in 1984, earning the highest honors:Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Majoring in both accounting and finances.

James Dondero has been and continues to lead, give and produce successful results in his steadily growing and high-powered career in alternative investments.



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