The Financial Expert That Is Brian Bonar

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Brian Bonar has raised quite a lot of heads in the finance industry, being a top finance executive with impeccable work ethics. Brian Bonar has had an extensive business leadership background which has earned him leadership roles in major companies such as Adaptec, Dalrada Financial, Trucept Incorporated and his very own company called Bezier Systems. His technical and educational background is what makes him an expert at what he does, while his leadership qualities just come naturally making him a top financial expert in the industry.

Brian’s technical skills initially began ever since he was a college student, having complete capabilities of building an impressive business structure that was guaranteed to work. Over time, his skills have developed and now he capitalizes on them to set up a business structure that ensures profitability and productivity.

Brian attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. Later on, he furthered his studies at Stafford University by graduating with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Bonar’s initial appointment was with International Business Machines (IBM) where he worked as a procurement manager for sixteen years.

In 1989 he moved on up to become the Director of Engineering at QMS where he was held responsible for the worldwide sales of printing technology. Shortly after working for Adaptec as a sales manager for over a year, Brian had earned enough experience to start his company called Bezier Systems.

Mr. Bonar further worked for other companies, including Itec Imaging Technologies, Allegiant Professional Business Services and AMS Outsourcing, before becoming a part of Dalrada Financial Services. Since 1999 Mr. Bonar has worked for Dalrada Financial Services as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Under his bold leadership, Trucept International has grown to a leading institution that offers solutions to small and medium-sized companies by completing tasks for them. The company assists in tasks such as helping in the management of payrolls, management of human resource administration and employee benefits. The main aim of Trucept Incorporation is to help small and medium-sized businesses focus on the business aspect of their company, while Trucept handles the rest.

With all his experience and leadership capabilities, Brian Bonar, however, has a specialty in which his true talents lie. Brian Bonar specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions and he conducts them with the utmost expertise and professionalism. He has a very positive approach towards work and his life whereby he combines his technical ingenuity with his creative power of architecture to overcome any challenge there is.

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    His success and impeccable leadership abilities eventually earned a seat as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Incorporated. While at the company, he overlooked the outsourcing of motherboards for various IBM computers. It is like the proposal for master thesis examples that has been meant for a long while.


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