The Health Benefits of Swimming Compared To Other Physical Exercises

Did you know that swimming is better than all other aerobics in some way? When you are swimming, your whole body and bones are somehow unshackled from the force of gravity. This is an excellent physical exercise for people suffering from osteoarthritis – doing normal body exercise would often result in so much pain. Studies indicate that if such people take on swimming as an exercise, they avoid arterial stiffness, a condition that leads to heart problems.

Swimming is a rather rigorous physical exercise, but many people may not readily know. It is more severe since the water is denser than air, and for you to move through it, there will be more external pressure in your limbs compared to exercising out of the water. The pressure is also evenly distributed throughout your body, such that it doesn’t accumulate on your knees and limbs and only on selected parts of the body.

Swimming also affects your breathing – when swimming, you breathe in a much quicker and deeper manner, letting the air to trickle out because your head is usually in the water. Working out outside the pool makes one to breathe in shallowly and exhale forcefully. Breathing as you swim improves the respiratory muscle strength. It inflates your lung alveoli causing them not to collapse or stick together. Swimming makes your body admirable as most of your body muscles are fired up. As much as your legs are engaged, so is your upper body. In the end, your body becomes gorgeous. Everybody likes the swimmer’s body.

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