The Incredible journey of Nick Vertucci to Real Estate

The life that we have had should not define the people we will be in future. This is the philosophy in which Nick Vertucci believes. He was brought up in a well off family. Nothing lacked until the demise of his father when he was only 10 years of age. His mother has to do all that was in her power to provide for him and his siblings. It wasn’t easy. She would come home late to find her children asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was living out in his van. He describes this as the lowest time of his life.


His mother can stand up and be proud of the man that Nick Vertucci has become. His life changed for the better when he started a business of selling computer parts. He was fascinated by the freedom that comes along with being your boss. At this very time, Mr. Vertucci got married and had three adorable children. His business was all right until the 2000 dot com crash happened. All of his finances went down to drain since he had not prepared for the crash by investing in his future.


Nick Vertucci got into almost 18 months of financial constraints. He had massive debts that resulted in him losing everything but his home. At this time, a friend of his invited him to attend a real estate training seminar that took three days. Nick Vertucci was reluctant at first, but his friend gave him his word that it is worth it since he had learned much. Nick confesses that choosing to use up his weekend in the workshop was the smartest decision he made. He gave a keen ear to whatever the speaker had to say. It sunk in. He was sure that he had found an answer the financial difficulties that he was faced with.


Nick Vertucci continued with the training and learning. Within a decade he had learned what is required of him to be successful in real estate. Nick developed a system that allowed him to make money. After making it and considering himself a millionaire, Nick vowed to teach others about his system so that they can create wealth for themselves. He started the NV Real Estate Academy, which educates people on active investing. It is at the disposal for individuals who want to transform their financial objectives by using the tactics and strategies that made Mr. Vertucci the successful person he has become.

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