The InnovaCare Health Ways. The Right Ways

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There are all types of different healthcare and InnovaCare health is just one example of the different kinds there are.


Rick Shinto worked at several different places for healthcare. He has more than 20 years of medical background under his belt and it makes him have the skills that he needs to work in the medical field. Rick is said to be the person behind all the success of InnovaCare Health and he is the Chief Executive and president. He has won awards and worked at several different places for several different types of healthcare. There are many skills he has that the medical industry needs. He has good communication skills, good working relationships, and even good teamwork.


Penelope Kokkinides she also has several years of medical experience under her belt as well more than 15 years of it. She has wen’t to several different colleges for different medical things to get where she is now. She served as corporate Vice President for care management. She is now Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health solutions.


InnovaCare is a healthcare that works not only on the physical pain and hurt but emotional as well and is always working on making patients feel better while working on the mental issues as well. InnovaCare works with their patients that need help and they know just the ways to do it. They put their patients first and make sure they have everything they need to make them feel better in all ways.


Through two primary avenues of care — Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage, InnovaCare is committed to quality healthcare by creating models that are sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with advanced technologies.


InnovaCare, Inc. operates two Medicare Advantage plans: MMM Healthcare, LLC and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC – in addition to a medical service organization.


Health care is one of the most important things we as humans need in life and that’s what InnovaCare make sure happens. They have worked with their patients when they need help and don’t take anything for granted. The doctors that work here are experienced and know how to treat their patients that come in. Find Additional Information Here.


They have all the tools that are up to date and are always making sure their patients have everything they need. InnovaCare has different ways to make patients feel better rather than the typical just medication other health care personal give to the patients InnovaCare actually listens to their patients.


If there is any place to go for health care I would come here!


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