The Life And Career Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco At Banco Bradesco

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Industrial development has a significant impact on a country’s economic growth. Arguably among the leading crucial sectors that contribute to the health of any country’s economy is the industry of banking. Consequently, most countries in the world encourage competitiveness in the banking industry. Brazil is a perfect example of one such state. Interestingly, it has one of the world’s largest economies. Coupled with a healthy banking sector, Brazil has always enjoyed the better impact of economic growth in business. For decades now, one leading bank that has tremendously transitioned the industry is Banco Bradesco.

Background Check

Late last year (2017), Banco Bradesco announced the resignation of the longest-serving chairman, Mr. Brandao de Mello. At the age of 91, he had served the bank for about 25 years. While his service was appreciated, he voluntarily stepped down to pave the way for a youthful leader. Consequently, the management decided to appoint one Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the then serving chief executive officer. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco had served at Banco Bradesco for some time, he was trusted to hold the two executive positions until the organization was ready to appoint a new president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Achievements

Well, just recently, Banco Bradesco announced its new president; Mr. Octavia Lazari who will be taking up from Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This is a clear indication that there will be some consequential changes at the bank. However, it does not mean that Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s input will not be required as he has been a huge contributor to Bradesco’s development. Here are a few facts about the contribution of Luiz Carlos Trabuco to Banco Bradesco’s growth.

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Career History

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was first employed as a clerk at Bradesco’s Marilia branch immediately he graduated from the University of Sao Paulo. Being a visionary, he was often promoted to work in different executive positions. Some of these positions include the department of directorship, senior manager, and marketing director. At the same time, he landed different senior roles in various affiliates of Bank Seguros.

Leadership at Bradesco

At no point did Luiz Carlos Trabuco think that he would be trusted with the senior most position of the organization according to However, with many years of hard work and resilience, he managed to grow the bank’s revenue by attracting and maintaining a huge client base. It was at that moment that the management thought it was wise to honor him with the presidency of the firm.

Additional Information

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had proven to the board of directors that he was worth the position. Therefore, he took over the firm’s sensitive position and streamlined the operations to fit into the goals and objectives of the firm. All too often, he proved that he was in line with the vision of the firm – to create a customer based platform. This meant that Bradesco’s clients would always come first.

Education Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended Fundacao Escola de Sociologia E Policia for a master’s degree. Perhaps he garnered his excellent leadership skills from the institution. While there is little that has been documented about his education background, it is clear that he studied philosophy. This is a clear indication that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is equipped with people skills. It could also explain why he has been successful at dealing with his employees. From the look of things, he might have to step down from his current position given that there is a new president. However, this does not render his services to the bank dormant. Luiz Carlos Trabuco maintains a legacy he created by working hard to build Brazil’s economy.


Mr. Trabuco made sure that Banco Bradesco’s communication portfolio was modernized to create an excellent relationship between the financial industry and the bank. This strategy earned Bradesco international recognition from different parts of the country.

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